Together we will  stand -       Divided we will all be overcome!



The danger of Islam to both non-Muslims and Muslims has been well documented. Knowledgeable and brave people have spoken publically and passionately in an effort to awaken awareness and action in people in the many nations that are quietly being invaded by Islam today! Most people in those nations remain uninterested and/or lethargic. Some, however, are looking for ways to take action. We are speaking to those brave people and offering them a chance to become actively involved.

​Armed conflict is not the solution for today. Civilized humans do not simply take up arms and kill others because they might be dangerous. Potential crusaders are limited in their options by their humanity.

If you have the will and the courage to stand against Islam, read on!  This website is designed to encourage and enable people of all races and creeds to unite in a crusade to contain Islam and to keep our nations free from this dangerous movement.

We are speaking out about the danger of radical Islam and we are calling YOU to join us in taking action to resist Islam! 

We are asking you to recognize and then acknowledge the truth about Islam.  We want you to tell others!  We encourage you to get involved and support us in whatever way you are able!



This message is for all people who are in danger from Islam. This message is for you! All people around the globe, both in or near Muslim Countries and in countries that are far from the middle east are affected by Islam. To reach all of these people groups we need a large number of helpers. We are asking people that have the skill and the will to volunteer their time to help with this huge undertaking.


Humans today have access to more information than ever before in history. Our message can easily be missed in the huge number of issues that are publicized every day and in all types of media. In this context, we need help to get our message to the many people that are ready to receive it. Simply put: we need your help to spread the word. We ask you to communicate with your neighbors and friends - to anyone that you think might be interested. Simply ask them to investigate this website. If all you are ready to do is to help spread the word about us, you will still become a vital part of this crusade. 
At the present time the greatest need of this crusade is people. We need volunteers both to be part of the movement and to help grow the fledgling organization. We need people that will take on a leadership role in their local communities. We need people that will volunteer to communicate with the volunteers. We need people that will simply volunteer to be a part of the movement. We need funds to grow the movement. If you are willing to volunteer some of your time or some of your money (or both) you can be a part of this last great crusade to stop the insidious spread of Islam. 

-Truth About Islam