- Are All Muslims Dangerous?

We have read somewhere the principle that approximately 10% of people within any organization will always be loyal to that organization and will always enthusiastically work toward the goals of the organization (We suspect that proportion of these “radical” followers will probably be higher in a cult).  Another 10%, approximately, will always be at least somewhat sceptical and will be much less loyal to the same organization.  The remaining approximately 80% will be neither solidly pro nor strongly against the organization.  The attitudes and actions of this group will fluctuate between the two extremes depending upon the circumstances.  They will “go along to get along”.

 We think the same principle applies to most religions and even to cults like Islam.  We can certainly see this to be true with Christianity and we suspect that it is also applicable in Islam.  We have seen published estimates of the percentage of “Radical Islamist” Muslims.  The estimates usually range between 10% and 20%.  We are pretty sure that there is no possibility of determining the exact percentage.  Few people talk about the percentage of Muslims that are somewhat unsatisfied or sceptical about the truth of Islam.  Since these people can sometimes face mortal danger if it becomes known that they are dissatisfied with Islam, it is hardly surprising that Muslims tend to be reluctant to be counted in this group.   Whatever the actual numbers may be, the probability remains that the large majority of Muslims simply want to live and let live.  They don’t particularly want to kill non-believers and they don’t want to die for Allah.  Like most Christians, most Muslims are what we would normally call “nice people”.

So, are all Muslims evil because their ideology is evil?  Of course not!  Are all Muslims dangerous because Islam is dangerous?  Again, certainly not!  But that is not the end of the issue.  We need to remember that all – YES ALL - Muslims that receive training in the tenets of Islam are probably told that Mohammad is the ideal Muslim and should be emulated.  They are all taught that their god, Allah, demands that Muslims continue the struggle (jihad) until all people submit to Islam.  They are all taught that at least some of that struggle will be armed conflict.  They are taught that killing non-Muslims is not the same thing as killing Muslims and that it is sometimes a good and holy thing to kill non-Muslims.  Do they all believe it?  No, but probably a significant percentage do.  Do they all act on it?  Obviously not.  Does this make all Muslims dangerous?  No.  But it does make it true that living as a non-believer among Muslims can be dramatically more dangerous than living among Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists or followers of almost any other belief system on the face of the earth.    

Not all Muslims are dangerous but the ideology of Islam itself is deadly and should disappear from the earth.  Christians can take comfort in the knowledge that the Bible tells us that Islam will ultimately be defeated through the intervention of Jehovah Himself in the person of the god-made-man that we call Jesus.  How much bloodshed and suffering will the world endure before this happens?  That will be up to us to determine based on how vigorously and effectively we resist this evil ideology.