There are many things that are wrong about the cultures of non-Muslim nations.   We believe that the greatest of these is the fact that our societies have become willing to allow parents to choose to kill their own offspring - often on the most feeble of excuses.  We believe that abortion is almost always an evil action that has virtually no moral justification.  We do admit that in there are conceivable situations where there must be a choice made between protecting the life of the mother or the life of the baby because continuing the pregnancy will cause both to die.  We concede that this choice must be left to the people involved and must not be dictated by government.  However, only the most dishonest of pro-choice advocates would suggest that such situations are common.  In short, we declare that abortion is evil and if our nation intends to occupy the moral high ground, abortion must be one of the first of many evils that we confront and defeat as a society.  

We see a tremendous amount of pressure being exerted to promote unlimited access to abortion.  We see this coming from the mass media, private institutions, governments at all levels world-wide and even from the United Nations.  But the fact is that, not only does abortion kill an innocent human being, but it also contributes to a program of what we are calling "voluntary ethnic cleansing".  In all Western countries the birthrates among the indigenous  populations have sunk to near or below the levels necessary to sustain the population levels.   The net result is that immigrant populations are becoming an ever-increasing percentage of the populations in all western nations.   This is because birth rates among immigrant populations usually exceed sustainable levels - sometimes to levels double or triple sustainability.  

It must be admitted that it is not totally unreasonable to accept the globalist contention that populations must be reduced to limit overcrowding of the earth.  Unlimited population growth might eventually strain the planet's ability to feed and shelter all humanity.  On the other hand unless this is done somewhat equitably across all ethnicities, the net result will inevitably be a significant shift in the ethnicity balance of the world population.  

If it must be controlled, we contend that population growth can be controlled ethically by responsible sexual activity and by effective contraception measures.  If the media and governments must push the concept of population control, the legitimate mechanism for this control is found in these methods, not in abortion.  Why?  Because abortion kills an already living human being.

These Are Some of the Scientifically Proven Facts about Abortion:

  • Human babies are naturally conceived as a result of sexual intercourse.  
  • At conception the human baby immediately has its own unique and identifiable DNA.
  • The DNA of the mother and that of the baby are different, proving that the baby is a unique human being.
  • Science has been able to conceive so-called test-tube babies, proving babies are independently alive at conception.
  • After conception human babies draw oxygen, sustenance and protection from the mother till born.
  • Conception can be effectively prevented by responsible sexual activity and contraception.
  • Contraception methods are plentiful and readily available.
  • Unwanted pregnancies occur after irresponsible sexual activity or failure to take suitable precautions.
  • Rarely, but occasionally, babies are conceived through rape or through illegal incestuous relationships.
  • Once conceived, human babies will either be born alive or will die in the uterus of the mother.
  • Abortion is the killing and extraction of a living human baby from the uterus.

 In short, science proves that abortion is the killing of a unique, living human being and that the conception of unwanted children can be prevented in almost all instances.    

Moral Considerations About Abortion:

  • It is impossible for the human baby to do anything reprehensible or evil between conception and birth.
  • Within in all civilized cultures, the killing of innocent human beings is deemed to be reprehensible.  

In summary, a person who advocates for abortion is advocating for the killing of an living but innocent human being.  If adequate precautions had been taken, this person would probably never have been conceived.  Thus, abortion is, undeniably, the killing an innocent human child, effectively as punishment for the careless or evil actions of one or both of the biological parents.

If we, in non-Muslim nations, intend to strengthen our nations, one of the first and most important initiatives we can take is to confront the abortion agenda and reduce or eliminate abortions in our countries.   We cannot continue to allow unlimited abortions in our countries and still hope to occupy the moral high ground either in our own view or in the view of Islamists! 

We urge you to actively show your support for the anti-abortion movement by joining and supporting a local anti-abortion organization and by taking every opportunity to speak out publicly against abortion. 


- Confront the Abortion Agenda