Many activists today are convinced that their own worldview is the only acceptable one.  Please note that here, we are talking about radical individuals within activist movements and not necessarily the movements themselves.  These radical activists are not content with creating new narratives on their hot-button issues; they vehemently demand that everyone else must accept and adopt their point of view.  Like the Nazis and Fascists of the last century, they see nothing wrong with forcing their worldview on others.  These modern-day "brownshirts" use “Inclusion” as a battle-cry and then exclude or coerce anyone who disagrees with them.  Activists that are working against freedom of belief and speech do not all share the same ideology.  Some are Islamists (probably the most dangerous of the lot).  Others are ( dare we say it? ) colored racists such as Antifa shouting out against white racists.  Some are environmental terrorists,  Some are pro-abortion activists.  The list is long and disreputable.  The one common thread among all these radical activists is that they are willing to intimidate others to the point that they feel forced to remain silent or even express agreement with the radical's point of view.    

Increasingly, left-leaning governments are enacting laws that seek to outlaw dissent about certain Issues by stifling the freedom to voice disagreement on their own ideological hot-button issues.  These governments are aided and abetted by the left-leaning media which gleefully supports proponents of issues like abortion-on-demand, gay marriage, climate change and others.  Conversely, these same ideologues are often quick to condemn or disparage the opinions of dissenters and often the dissenters themselves.  The nebulous and ill-defined charge of "Islamophobia" is one excellent example of this attack on personal freedom of belief and speech.  But other examples abound.  The net effect of these activist actions is a steady and insidious attack on the freedom of individuals to retain and promote traditional belief systems. 

According to many of these activists;

  • There is no God
  • Islam is a religion of peace despite all the evidence to the contrary
  • There is no such a thing as absolute truth. 
  • Virtually all sexual activities are acceptable and even "natural".
  • A person must never do anything that might cause another to take offense.
  • Most of the history and culture of the West is to be regretted and apologized-for.
  • The list could go on and on.        

While there is some truth in some of these statements, there is also a great deal of error.  Nobody's position on any of these issues should be taken without question.  And, certainly, nobody has a right to force their position on these issues on another person.  Under current law in most non-Muslim nations it is supposedly perfectly acceptable for any person to hold a position in opposition to any of the statements on the list.  That is, freedom of belief and freedom of speech are guaranteed in the constitutional documentation of most of these countries, including our own.  But these freedoms are under constant attack by the activists we have mentioned.  

Freedom of belief and freedom of speech are inseparable.  It is absolutely impossible to force any person to believe what you may want them to believe - but it is quite possible to intimidate humans to hide their own belief systems out of fear of harm.  On the other hand, it is quite possible to kill or otherwise punish a person for speaking out in a manner that displeases the people in power.  The left-leaning governments of Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and Communist China were all guilty of atrocities of this kind very early in their rise to power.  Thousands, if not millions, were killed when they spoke out in opposition to these evil movements.  In each nation, the threat was small at first but it grew rapidly because few spoke out against it.   

Today, the same sort of thing is happening in our own nations.  We can almost hear the scoffing voices of the left-leaning elitists who say (and, possibly, even believe) that our situation is different or that it could never happen here.  We are declaring that it certainly will happen here unless we stand against the erosion of our freedom.  We are warning that, unless we stand against the threat now, in large numbers, we will allow the same sort of things that happened in Germany, in Russia and in China to happen here.         


Will you stand by idle and silent as these people destroy our right to believe what we choose to believe and to speak out to defend and promote what we believe?

As for us: We Say No! 

We will resist the erosion of our Freedom of Belief and Freedom of Speech.  Will you stand with us?


- Defend Freedom of Belief and Speech.