- Escaping Islam.


The first project of Crusade 10 is to create an organization in Alberta, Canada to help prevent "honor killings" and the murder of apostates from Islam.  We are building an organization that will rescue and care for people who are fearful or feeling trapped in their current situation and who need help to escape Islam.  We will help these people escape.  We will protect them from retaliation by providing them with anonymity and a safe refuge.  We will provide them with the necessities of life until they are able to provide for themselves.  We will provide on-going protection and support in a safe community.  

​Why only in Alberta?  Simply because that is where we currently are.  We want this to be the first of many similar efforts to be established all around the world.  Similar organizations already exist in some other jurisdictions.  Some even operate in Muslim nations.  We will contact and work with these organizations and cooperate to coordinate efforts among such groups.

We cannot do this effectively yet. We need your help.  ​To do these things we need volunteers, funding, ​families that are willing to open their homes to individuals and groups willing to provide homes to families of these people or to support them in other ways.   We will also need people to be active in spreading the word about our project in a way that will reach the individuals at risk.  Please contact us if you are willing to be part of a rescue team, are willing to open your home to someone who has been rescued or if you can support this project in any other way.