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If we were trapped in a single leaky lifeboat far from any safe landfall, we would probably all feel both obliged to take our turn at bailing the water out of the boat!  In fact, we would be expected to help.  And we would probably be more than willing to work to the best of our ability to keep that lifeboat afloat.  Because it is a fact that not all people have the same amount of stamina and strength, some people would be able to do more than others.  But everyone would be expected to do their part, to the best of their individual ability. 

The threat of Islam affects all of us and the danger is no less real than that leaky lifeboat would be.  We are all at risk and we will all be affected if Islam succeeds in overwhelming our nations.  We should all seriously consider becoming actively involved in protecting our homes and families from the threat. 

Crusade10 believes that most people have little or no idea what they can do to help resist Islam.  We encourage you to read on to see what you, personally, can do to help.

First: strengthen yourself.  We at Crusade 10 believe that the world is entering into a time of great struggle.  We believe that this struggle will be on a scale that we would never have believed possible even a couple decades ago.  But the warning signs are there for all of us to see if we are willing to recognize them.  As individuals we need to be strong in order to survive and overcome in this struggle.  We believe that you should prepare yourself physically.   Then examine all aspects of your life and determine if you fit the image many Islamic radicals have of the rest of the world.  Many of them think we are weak, morally deficient, drug-dependant, decadent and/or undisciplined.  If any part of that describes you, now would be a good time to start to turn that around!  But don't stop there.  Learn about the dangers of Islam and know enough about Islam to enter into a deep discussion of the subject.  One of the primary objectives of this website is to provide you with the tools to do that. 

Second: work to help strengthen your nation.  Most of us love our nation but most of us also see weaknesses and faults in how our nation is managed.   Leaders in most non-Muslim countries have had access to the resources to learn about the dangers of Islam and take action to protect our nation from these dangers.   But our leaders have not done this.  Instead they have attempted to accommodate Islam or have even tried to reform it.  They, and we, must all understand that accommodation with Islam is ultimately impossible and self-destructive (this is more fully explained elsewhere on this site).   The world can safely trade with Muslim countries and have some interaction with them but it can never safely allow large-scale Muslim immigration into non-Muslim countries.  We urge you to unite with other like-minded people to "force" politicians and leaders to start leading us in the right direction.  We urge you to speak out against the weaknesses in your nation.  Become active in determining the future of your country.   Make no mistake, we are at a pivotal point in the life of the world.  Our non-Muslim nations must be strong and courageous or we will be overwhelmed. 

Third: spread the word about Crusade10 to people in your neighborhood and anywhere else you have contact with people who, you think, may be receptive to the message of this site.  Forward the link to this site to anyone you think might be interested - or who should be interested.​ 

Fourth: start the Crusade in your neighborhood (or join it if you are invited into an existing group).  An individual can only change the world by convincing people to get on board with him or her.  We hear about famous leaders like William Wilberforce who was instrumental in abolishing slavery in the British Commonwealth.  He started his campaign as an individual but he would never have succeeded if he had not been able to work with other activists and to gain support from thousands of other people in Britain.   If you agree with us that Islam is a real danger to the way of life in your nation, we are asking you to seek out and find people that agree with you on this.  Organize into small groups that are able to work as a team to carry out projects to encourage (and even demand) action from our leaders.

Fifth: when you have a small group established, communicate with us at Crusade10.  Let us know who you are and where you are so we can put you in touch with other groups in your vicinity and make your group a part of the larger Crusade.  As we grow we will coordinate with you to initiate political and social activities to promote our common goals.     

Finally, visit this site often.  Read the news about our growth and learn how you and your group can help grow this movement.