- How Does Islam Affect Muslims?

We are certainly not the best source for information about life under Islam.  However, elsewhere on this website we will provide references to presentations and books by people that grew up close to or within Islamic societies.  In particular, we recommend listening to YouTube presentations by Noni Darwish, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Raymond Ibrahim, all of which are excellent resources.  If you want to hear about some of the more positive aspects of Muslim community life you might want to read the books or watch the YouTube videos by Nabeel Qureshi. 

Islam sets rigid guidelines for many aspects of Muslim life.  On the surface, many of these guidelines appear moral and good.  But the fact is that Islam exerts a rigid and uncompromising control over the lives of Muslims.  There is usually physical safety in Muslim society but there is little intellectual or moral freedom.  Dissention is stifled.  Truth is denied.  Faith is dictated.  Compliance is mandatory.  Resistance is futile - and sometimes fatal. 

Much has been said by others about the subordinate role of women in Islam – and most of this is true.  But Muslim men, women and children are all victims of this false ideology.  Many of those who flourish under a strong Islamic regime are those whose hearts lean toward evil.  These people can joyfully adopt the evil aspects of the ideology.  These people can rejoice in inflicting harm on themselves or others in the name of their god with the assurance that their god will be pleased with them and will reward them.  For example, suicide bombers and extremists who fight with reckless disregard for their own safety believe that, after death, they will wake up in the highest heaven.  The rest of the world knows that, if these fanatics wake up at all, it will be on the way to hell!   

The best thing that can happen to any Muslim is to be convinced that Islam is wrong and to be freed from the dominance of their Islamic society.  In the closed societies of most Muslim nations up until recent times it was very difficult for Muslims to escape from Islam.  Modern communication media have provided access to other ideas to a degree that was never available in the past.  As a result, reports abound that many Muslims are turning away from Islam.  We should do all we can to help in this regard.

However, in all of this we must remember one very significant fact.  When Muslims convert to another faith, they risk losing everything about their previous life – their families, their friends, their jobs and even, in some extreme cases, their very lives.  It is a hard and dangerous decision for these people and it requires a huge amount of courage!