A.          Pray and Trust In Jehovah!

People like myself, who have faith in the Creator God, Jehovah, will believe that prayer is their first and best response to the threat of Islam.   

I personally don’t believe that Jehovah will accede to prayer requests that call for the death or destruction of individuals, even if they are Islamist leaders or clerics.  After all, every Muslim is as much beloved by Jehovah as you or we are.  But Jehovah will, we think, confound the plans of evil people when believers pray and trust in Him.  What, then, should we specifically pray for?  People of faith should pray for the frustration of the goals of Islam.  For the courage to speak out the truth about Islam but with appropriate brotherly love for Muslims.  For the deliverance of all Muslims from domination and/or physical harm by the fanatical followers of the Islamic cult.  For the wisdom to choose correctly and wisely in all matters relating to Islam.  For the will, ability and energy to act upon what we learn to be true.  That we can faithfully trust in Jehovah and not fear either the opinions of mankind nor the threat of violence and death. 

A praying, faith-filled Christian has nothing to fear.  We have eternal life so even physical death cannot harm us!

B.          Do What is Right!

As Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed, so we believe; that Jehovah wants us to not only hear and know the truth but to take appropriate action based on that truth, even if that action requires violence on some level. 

Beyond prayer, we believe that there are three additional strategies that we should all adopt, whether we believe in God or not.  We should all do what is right and we should strive with all our abilities to correct what is wrong with our own society.  We should unite in opposition to Islam and we should resolve to fight Islam on every front where we encounter it.   

Islamic extremists legitimately say that there is a lot wrong with the non-Islamic world – especially the Americas and Europe.  They believe that if Islam can dominate the world and if Sharia law can be imposed on all the world, the world will be a better place.  One needs only to look at the turmoil in most of the Muslim-dominated countries in the world to see that this is not the case.  But the point remains that citizens of non-Islamic nations need do what is right in their own countries.  There is room for a lot of improvement! 

We, in non-Islamic nations, have passively allowed many evil beliefs and practices to become entrenched in our societies and, in doing so, we, as nations, have given up the moral high-ground without much of a fight.  When we say we have given up the moral high ground we are  not saying that Islam has taken that ground – but that it is now vacant.  It is time for us, as individuals, to strive more aggressively to voluntarily do what is right in all aspects of our lives.  We need to make right and moral decisions in all aspects of our lives, whether it concerns relationships with others, environmental protection, climate change, fiscal management, gay marriage, abortion or Islam.  We also need to speak out courageously against lies, deception and evil.  We need to get involved in politics to ensure that the laws and regulations imposed by all levels of government are just, reasonable and moral. 

Become involved in politics!  Some people are convinced that politics is a dirty game and that no politician can be trusted.  Others think that all politicians in their favorite political party can be trusted.  Some think that all politicians in the parties they don’t like are crooks, fools and liars.  These people are all wrong to some extent.  And, on the other hand, all these positions have some basis in truth.  Democratic politics is carried out by politically-motivated people that are fallible.  Some are well-motivated.  Some are self-serving and dishonest.  Some are simply educated but foolish.  Even if their motivation is good, politicians may not be capable of seeing the most moral and righteous solution to an issue.  Added to that is the problem that political decisions are often not based on consideration of the morality and righteousness of the issue.  Financial considerations and political expediency often trump the need to do what is right. 

As concerned citizens of our nations we need to become more politically active on all important issues.  In today’s world we must be especially active when it comes to issues relating to Islam because the governments of most non-Islamic countries have been guilty of ignoring the danger of Islam for far too long.  This must change – and it must change soon.  It will only change if you will actively commit to uniting with other like-minded people in doing what is right!

What is right with respect to Islam?  As we have said previously, first we need to know the basic truths about Islam.  That its foundation is Satanic, not godly.  That its so-called prophet was evil; not a prophet of the one true God.  That it aims for world domination.  And that inviting Muslims into our nation and accommodating their beliefs is dangerous.  We need to spread the knowledge of these truths as widely as we can.  We need to demand that our government must recognize and act upon these truths. 

In fact, there is no shortage of people who are speaking out against Islam.  Elsewhere on this website we provide links to presentations by a number of people who are doing exactly that.  They are being ignored by far too many people because there is little unity in their efforts.  There is an urgent need for a united voice shouting out in defiance of the cult of Islam.     

C.          Unite!

Since the time when Mohammad moved from Mecca to Medina, Islam has carried out an unrelenting crusade against all non-Muslims with an ultimate view to subjugating the world and placing it under the dominion of Allah.  Islam has been extremely successful for one significant reason.  Its enemies (or should we say “victims”) have been picked off one-at-a-time because they did not mount a unified resistance effort.  When resistance to Islam has been unified and sustained, it has been successful.  Muslims have been taught to despise and vilify the Christian Crusaders of the middle ages because this was the best-known time when Islam was confronted by a powerful unified resistance.  When the so-called Christian nations of western Europe united against Islamic expansion, the forces of Islam were thrown back.  Jerusalem and much of the Levant were taken back from the Muslims for a time and Islamic expansion into western Europe was stopped until modern times.  The crusaders were only united for a short time, however.  As self-interest asserted itself within the loosely-aligned leadership of the Crusaders, divisions appeared and within a short time most of the re-gained ground was lost again.  The crusades began to fail as unity of purpose was lost. 

Beginning at the end of the 12th century, not one, but a series of Crusades checked the expansion of Islam into Europe.  The Crusades resulted, for a number of years, in the formation of Christian kingdoms in the middle east.  To this day the Crusaders are particularly reviled in Islam which claims that the Crusaders were especially aggressive, bloodthirsty and barbaric.  It is true that some atrocities occurred – carried out by evil people on both sides in the struggle.  It should be noted that the Crusaders did nothing that Islamic armies had not done repeatedly over the previous 3 centuries.   While the actions of some Crusaders were reprehensible, the Islamic response to their actions shows another common facet of Islamic leadership which often and loudly condemns actions by non-Muslims that are actually very similar to the actions of Muslims.  What is OK for Muslims is often considered not to be OK for opponents of Islam!

It should be noted that during and after the Crusades, the Muslim population of the Holy Land was not forced by the Crusaders to convert to Christianity.

To approach the moral high ground in our country, and to successfully resist Islam, we absolutely need to unite!  In our society where individuality is almost a religion of its own, most people’s worldview does not encourage us to work selflessly with others to accomplish tasks.   We must learn a lesson from history.  If we want to be successful, we must be willing to unite unselfishly, and we must be willing as individuals and as organizations to join-with and follow the leaders of a united effort over the long term.    

In the west, we tend to be quick to revolt and quit following a leader that doesn’t do things our way.  But this is the road to disaster.  In the Christian church, in Western politics, in international affairs and in our own families, we consistently see division and un-coordinated action.  But if we are to be successful in resisting domination by Islam we non-Islamic nations must become and remain united in our purpose.  We must create and remain active in a common “front” of resistance to Islam.  We urge each reader to look for all opportunities to become part of a united effort to resist Islamic expansion.

Our primary purpose in life is to worship the one and only Creator, Jehovah, and to do our best to be in His will.  No other priority is as important to us and, if you are a Christian, the same should be said for you.  Having said that, we have also committed to dedicating the rest of our life to doing everything we can to prevent the Islamification of Canada and every other nation that is not already under Islamic rule.  However, by ourselves we can do nothing.  We want to challenge every visitor to this website to unite with us and with other like-minded people in a modern-day Crusade to resist Islamification. 

If you are convinced of the need to unite to resist Islam, your next question has to be “Who can we unite with?”  How do we find other like-minded people to work with?  Unfortunately, this can be hard.  Far too many people are simply unconcerned about this danger.  Some are concerned but convinced that there is no way to resist.  Others are concerned but reluctant to speak out about the issue.  It is likely that you would have a hard time identifying the people in your own community that would be inclined to stand with you against Islam.  The pervasive pressure toward political correctness in our country has made it highly unpopular to voice our opinions if we suspect that Islam is dangerous.  Many people have been influenced by the phony “islamophobia” boogy-man against even critically examining Islamic ideology.  There is actually no shortage of people speaking out publicly against Islamization but these people are normally ignored, marginalized or even condemned by the left-leaning useful idiots in the media – often in the name and spirit of political correctness.  The missing element is an international organization that works to unify these voices and focusses their efforts.  In short, we need a modern-day Crusade that unites us against Islam.  Initially the purpose of this Crusade must be to fortify the non-Islamic world against infiltration by Islamists but ultimately it must also work to prepare our country to resist any potential military invasion by Islamic countries.

Specifically, what would such a Crusade do?  It would begin acting to strengthen public understanding about Islam.  It would allow people to transition from spectators of a coming disaster into warriors actively resisting the enemy.  It would begin to do this by creating sub-units in all appropriately-sized population centres to allow everyone who wants to become part of the movement to get usefully involved in the campaign, if only as part of a visible voting block at election time.  It would counter despair and encourage hope in those who have felt helpless while witnessing the creeping influx of Islam into our nation.  It would legitimize the concept of resistance to Islam by working to convince people of the evil origin and objectives of Islam.

The task is both simple and huge.  The truth about Islam must be determined then spoken publicly.  Simple!  But this truth must be spoken in so many venues and at so many levels that the task is huge. 

The modern-day Crusaders must work in social media and in mainstream media to demand a true but balanced, non-hysterical counter to the lie that Islam is a peaceful religion and that terrorists are a radical fringe of that ideology.  It must work in the political arena to identify and support like-minded politicians at all levels from town councils and school boards to the national parliament.  Laws and regulations must be enacted to appropriately examine and publicize the darker sides of Islam rather than ignoring them or protecting them as has been the practice too often in the past.  There must be a Crusade to monitor courtrooms, governments, quasi governmental bodies, police departments and even industry to ensure that the rights of all citizens are protected equally, with no bias or preference for any race or religion.  It must guard against and expose efforts by Islamists to engage in economic warfare to advance Islam. 

If you, the reader want to become actively involved in the Crusade to resist Islam, an option is to email the author at contact@Crusade10.com .  We will attempt to put you into contact with others in your community who share a desire to join in this Crusade

Please, act today to unite with others to resist Islam.

D.         Fight!

We must be willing to fight Islam!  But how can you fight an ideology?  Actually, the US government has stated the answer to that question.  The only answer is to win the hearts and minds of Muslims.  Unfortunately, we believe that the US has not gone about trying to do this in the right way.  We have seen that, within Islam, the near-worship of Mohammad and the absolute authority of his words and actions means that the only way to win the hearts and minds of Muslims away from radical Islam is to turn them away from Mohammad.  Yet the West affirms Mohammad and the so-called religion of Islam then tries to convince Muslims not to follow them.  Isn’t this a fool’s errand?  The first battle in the war against Islam is a war of words and ideas that is already being fought within our own nation. 

Probably the most legitimate Islamist criticism of non-Islamic nations, particularly those in the West (Europe and the Americas) is that we are a decadent and immoral society.  While many in the West are moral and respectable, as a society we have, we think, been on a devastating downhill slide in the last several decades.  We must set aside petty differences in ideology and come together as a society to move towards a moral higher-ground.  If we want to be respected by peace-loving Muslims, we must become more respect-able.  We must also understand and accept that a huge percentage of Muslims do not see tolerance of immorality, desire for what we call “freedom” or even democracy as high ideals or personal goals.  Our first objective goal must be unity in our search and promotion of the truth in all issues and particularly with respect to Islam.   

For many years the term “useful idiots” has been applied to people within a society that advocate for an ideology that is harmful to that society, being driven by misunderstanding or ignorance of the true aims of that ideology.  Some say that the term was first used by Lenin to describe people in non-communist countries who worked to increase the influence of communism in non-communist countries.  Whatever the origin, the term can legitimately be applied to large numbers of people in non-Islamic countries with respect to the cult of Islam.  Many of our leaders and prominent people are useful idiots who are inadvertently advancing the aims of Islam.    

We must confront and overcome the so-called progressives, elitists, intellectuals and political leaders who are acting as useful idiots in the hands of Islamists.   They work to invite Muslims into our land and they express respect for their cultist teachings.  Then they try to convince them not to be what they are taught to be (by Islam).  We only have to look at the leaders of many of the European nations that are now being inundated by Muslim immigrants to see examples of these useful idiots.  How many of them have gone on record as saying that Islam is a religion of peace?  The current leader of own country has not been exempt from this error.  The battle for the minds and hearts of these useful idiots has been vigorously fought by Islamists for several years in Europe and the Americas.  Unfortunately, the Anti-Islam side has not been engaged in this battle in any meaningful way and we are losing badly.  To be sure, there are individual heroes who are speaking the truth in public about Islam.  But these people have largely been marginalized and/or ignored by the useful idiots in mainstream media and in government.  We must unite to partner with the most respectable Anti-Islam individuals and groups (as opposed to those who are simply advocating hatred or violence towards Muslims).  We must restrict the influence of media outlets that are pro-Islam by all legal means possible.  For example, by boycotting the problematic media itself as well as those businesses that support these media.  A primary battleground in this struggle is the educational system.  The cult of Islam has been whitewashed and even promoted within our educational system by Islamists themselves but also by many useful idiots who are acting out of ignorance of Islam or even out of antipathy toward Christianity, Judaism or even God himself.          

We must unite to change the law with respect to Muslim immigration and citizenship.  Our laws must be changed to better control immigration of Muslims.   We do not advocate stopping Muslim immigration completely, but we do advocate for vastly increased revision and monitoring of the immigration process.  Muslim immigrants must be clearly informed that the laws of the host nation will be strictly enforced in the problematic areas of Islamist ideology.  They must show themselves willing to understand and accept the laws of the host nation – especially with respect to legitimate human rights.  For example, female Muslims must be protected from female genital mutilation (FGM) and violations in this area should result in the denial or revocation of citizenship to the care-givers of victims of FGM.  Muslim immigrants must understand that the status of Muslim women must be and must remain full equality before the law (as with non-Muslim women).  No implementation of Sharia law in this area (or any other) should ever be contemplated or expected.  Most importantly, Muslim immigrants should be informed and must accept that neither Mohammad nor Islam will ever be granted any protection under our laws from analysis or criticism in our nation.  In short, Muslim immigrants coming to the Americas should be fully aware that only the religious aspect of Islam will ever be acceptable in our country.     

Islamists have adopted the phrase “Islamophobia” in an attempt to de-legitimize any criticism of Islam or of their false prophet.  We need to act to stop Islamists from speaking their lies about Mohammad and Islam or, at least, to mandate contradicting information whenever this is done.  Canada has already adopted a legislative motion relating to Islamophobia, possibly as a prelude to criminalization of this ill-defined offence. This trend must be reversed.  To date, members of the media, politicians and even educators have been reluctant to examine the negative aspects of Islamist ideology for fear of being called Islamophobic.  Such an examination should be supported and even mandated by governments.  That is, a thorough and honest examination of the documented facts evident in Islamic scriptures should be carried out and the results widely published to counteract Islamist lies.  We need a united front to demand such an examination.

Islamists have been hired or appointed to many positions of trust and influence at many levels of Canadian government.  Wherever possible and appropriate, we need to unite to remove Islamists from positions where they can hamper or harm the effort to resist Islam.  While it cannot be denied that this is stepping into hazardous issues relating to human-rights, the potential harm that can arise from allowing Islamists to make crucial decisions that support Islamists aims is so critical that this effort must be made. 

Islamic mosques and gatherings must be monitored to identify and prosecute Islamists who use these venues to support terrorism, incite hatred, or promote the over-throw of the legitimate governments of non-Islamic countries. 

A Crusade of united people will be necessary to force governments to take these actions.     

We would like to believe that we can successfully resist the expansion of Islam into our nation without open warfare.  Unfortunately, we do not think this is necessarily the case.  We are already under physical attack in the form of terrorist actions.  Our current fight is to protect ourselves from the terrorist threat.  But we believe that, at some point in the near future, we will probably have to fight with weapons in open warfare to defend ourselves from Islam.

On the other hand, some might believe that the few forces that the West has deployed in the Middle East are already fighting Islam.  We don’t think this is the case.  In fact, we think we are actually foolishly fighting as allies of one side of an intra-faith struggle.  If our side wins, it will eventually turn against us.  If our side loses, many of the soldiers we were fighting beside will soon be fighting against us.  We believe that many of the Muslims that we are currently training in the practices of modern warfare will ultimately use that training against us.  And the weapons and munitions that non-Islamic nations are sending to the Middle East will eventually be used against us.  In our own countries, we should be removing professing Muslims from any position within the military structure where they could potentially cause damage to the military effort or death to loyal soldiers.  In contrast, We believe that non-Islamic governments should immediately begin to provide military aid, training and supplies to the many non-Islamic nations that are currently under attack by Islamic militants.    

There is much to be done!  Will you become involved or will you sit back and watch our society be destroyed by Islam?  It is up to you!

- How Should Individuals Respond To Islam?