- Is Islam a Cult?

What is a cult?   Dictionary.com defines a cult as:  a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.

Are we justified in calling Islam a cult rather than a religion?  We believe we are because I we believe that the Koran is a deception created by one person – the founder and leader of the cult: Mohammad. 

Can Islam be called “extremist”?  According to several hadith, Mohammad claimed to have been given the entire world for his soldiers to pray in and he mandated his followers to continue struggling until the entire world has submitted to Islam.  We would certainly call that extremist!

Mohammad pulled his followers out of the mainstream of Meccan society in the early stages of the development of his cult.  From the start, he set them up in opposition to the rest of Meccan society by openly rejecting and opposing the followers of all the other gods worshipped in Mecca at that time.  Mohammad never claimed to be god but he did claim equal authority to God, especially in the later years of his life when he was proclaiming the portions of the Koran that were delivered in Medina.  All devout Muslims who pray as Mohammad instructed them to, repeat at least 5 times daily that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammad is his prophet.  Muslims are taught that Mohammad was the very best example, ever, of a good Muslim and that his words and actions should be emulated. 

Obviously, then, Islam is under the direction of a charismatic leader!  Islamic scripture shows us that Mohammad was the sole founder of Islam.  We are told that the entire Koran and the hadith are based on Mohammad’s actions and words.  Despite what some Islamic clerics say today, Mohammad himself was unable to provide any significant supernatural or miraculous evidence of his status as a prophet of Allah.  Islamic apologists call the Koran itself miraculous.  However, since it contains several factual errors and contradictions, many people do not find it at all miraculous.  In ancient Arabic, the Koranic verses apparently make good poetry but that does not indicate a supernatural source.  Although he claimed to have received these words from Allah, the god of Islam, through the angel Gabriel, Mohammad could offer no physical evidence that this was truly the case. 

As there is no strong evidence that Mohammad’s Koranic verses came from anyone but himself, we maintain that everything that flows from the Koran or the other Islamic scripture is false.  But Islamic scripture also shows us that Mohammad was able to convince hundreds of people that Islam was the one true religion.  Descriptions of him describe him as someone who was both unique and personable.  He never seemed at a loss for words and was always able to respond to challenging questions.  Mohammad was undeniably a charismatic leader whose influence extends to today.

These easily-verifiable facts seem to prove that Islam is a cult.