- Is Islam Dangerous

Islam is undeniably dangerous to both its followers and to those who stand against it!

The danger of Islam lies in the fact that all Islamic thought is ultimately based on the words of Mohammad.  From their youth Muslims are required to declare repeatedly the lie that Mohammad is the ultimate prophet of the one true God.  Devout Muslims believe this lie and, as long as they continue to believe the lie, they are subject to all the instructions of Mohammad, including the instruction to fight non-Muslims till all people everywhere are converted to Islam.   While not all Muslims act violently upon this instruction, the instruction is always there.  And, remember:  knowledgeable Muslims are always aware that it is there.  A person simply cannot honor Mohammad as the greatest prophet of God without honoring his instructions. 

David Wood is a former atheist who converted to Christianity.  He has been very active in opposing Islam.   The following video lasts just over 8 minutes and examines the basic Islamic beliefs that help drive Islamic terrorism. 

There are two basic methods of protecting oneself from danger.  The preferred method is to eliminate the danger.  The second is to isolate ourselves from the danger by placing some sort of barrier between us and the danger.

During the early years of the development of the Cult of Islam, Mohammad’s teaching was relatively non-violent and even somewhat accommodating to other monotheistic ideologies.  However, in his later years, after his move to Medina, Mohammad began a career of conquest by directing his followers into a campaign of economic warfare against the tribe of his origin as well as against other people groups in the Arabian Peninsula.  He soon advanced to political assassinations of people who opposed him as well as non-political assassinations of people who had simply insulted him.   He then began a military campaign to subjugate all people who refused to submit to him and to his newly-created cult ideology.  This resulted in his control of the entire Arabian Peninsula by the time of his death.  During this crusade, he supervised the genocide of the entire male population of more than one tribe that had stood against Islamification as well as the murder of an immeasurable number of Arabs and others. 

One might be tempted to say that these actions were carried out over 1300 years ago so they have no relevance to today.  It can be admitted that Mohammad’s actions were carried out in the more primitive political and social climate of the seventh century and that they may not have been totally unheard-of for a political leader of that time (although they were certainly extreme even for that time period).  However, there are two serious objections to this position.  First, these actions may have been understandable and somewhat acceptable in a violent political leader.  But they are unquestionably inappropriate for the founder and leader of a ideology that claims to be a religion of peace.   Mohammad conquered by stealth, by open warfare and by terrorizing his opponents.  Those who wanted to reject his new ideology were killed, if caught.  Those who resisted Mohammad and Islam soon found that continued opposition to Islam would probably result in their beheading or death in some other manner.  They certainly viewed Islam as dangerous but not peaceful!

The second, and most problematic issue with Islam is the fact that Muslims are taught that Mohammad was the best example of a Muslim.  Muslims, even today, are taught that Mohammad is to be emulated by all good Muslims.   While foolish non-Muslims and dishonest Islamic apologists will deny that the actions of Islamic terrorists have anything to do with Islam, one only has to connect the figurative dots to see the truth.  Mohammad committed actions similar to those of modern-day terrorists.  Mohammad actually claimed that he was authorized by Allah to terrorize his enemies.  Modern-day terrorists openly claim to be doing their evil acts in the name of Allah.   It is not difficult to see the connection between these facts and to conclude that Islam is an evil and dangerous ideology based on the teachings and actions of Mohammad. That is, it is easy to see that Islam is evil unless your worldview forbids you from acknowledging this fact.  We challenge anyone who sees Islam as a religion of peace to do the research!    

Humanity should strive to rid itself completely of this evil movement.  We realize that this will be nearly impossible without Divine assistance.  It will certainly be neither quick nor easy – and it may already be too late.  However, as long as one single person continues to believe that Mohammad was the legitimate prophet of the one true God, the danger from Islam is going to continue to exist.  

Are we suggesting that all Muslims must be killed or converted (the parallel to what Muslims are told in the Koran)?  Absolutely not!  That would make us as evil as Islam!  No!  We are certainly suggesting, however, that the non-Muslim world should start to understand and speak out the truth about Islam and about Mohammad; both to ourselves and to Muslims whenever we have the opportunity.  The rest of the world must openly and consistently reject the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.  It must also halt the expansion of Islam by helping to defend every nation that is currently under attack by Islamists, whether it is in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas.     

Those of us who currently hold religious beliefs would probably prefer that Muslims convert to our own religion but that is not necessary.  All that is necessary is that people would stop believing that Mohammad was the only true prophet of the only true God.  Can we be certain that a person who denies this reliance on Mohammad is telling the truth?  Of course not!  But if a Muslim makes a public declaration that he/she does not believe that Mohammad is the greatest prophet of God, there is at least a reasonable probability that the person is telling the truth.

The second method of defending ourselves from danger is to isolate ourselves from the danger.  However, the leaders of most countries in the non-Muslim world have failed to isolate their nations from the danger of Islam.  They have increasingly allowed Muslims to immigrate into their countries; thus inviting the “enemy” inside the gates.   There are now sizeable minorities of devout Muslims in almost all industrialized countries.  The leaders of all of these countries are now waking up to the danger of “home-grown terrorists”.  What a shock!  In allowing this immigration, they have created a major problem that all non-Muslim nations must deal with.  It is to be hoped that this can be done in a humane manner.  

Our humanity forbids us from using the Islamic ultimatum of convert-or-die.  Nor are most non-Muslim people willing to subject other humans to the sometimes crippling persecution that non-Muslims can expect if they continue to live in a Muslim-dominated nation.   

So what can be done?  First; stop allowing immigration of professing Muslims into non-Muslim countries.  Second; at every level of society we must speak out clearly with the truth about Mohammad - that he was a man - and not a very good man.  That he committed many evil actions.  That there was and is no evidence beyond his own word that Mohammad was being visited and instructed by a spiritual being.  And that the movement he began (which is much more than a religion) is an evil institution that dominates and enslaves all who come under its power.