- Islam - A Complex Belief System

We believe that the evidence shows that Islam is an ideology that is much more than a religion.  

We believe Islam is actually a cult based on veneration of Mohammad and on the teachings and example of Mohammad.  We hope that what we have written here convinces you of the truth of what we believe.  We want to give you a vision of how Islam will affect your future and/or the future of your children if we do not unite against it.  We want to convince you that Islam is a very real threat to all of us; here; now!  We hope you will come to understand that this is not some far-off and remote danger but a very imminent and real danger.  We want to show that there are actions that we can take right now to resist the intrusion of Islam into our society.  We also want to stress to you that the situation is critical but not hopeless.  

We believe that Islam is fatally flawed; that it will collapse; that it will ultimately and definitely be defeated.   This struggle has been foretold in both Christian and Islamic prophesy and it is nearing its culmination.  However, we need to act right now if we are to protect ourselves, our children and our society from the danger of Islam.  The critical question is whether we will be overcomers or if we, too, will become unresisting victims of Islam before it is finally defeated.

We see it as our task is to protect ourselves, our families and our nation so we, and they, can escape being collateral damage in the battle with Islam.  People in our nation are being misled about Islam and are even joining that evil cult.  One of our prime objectives must be to counter the misinformation and outright lies being spread by apologists for Islam in our nation.  We need to be able to refute the positions of people who act as "useful idiots" in support of the Islamist agenda.  Everywhere, we see rampant misinformation that  weakens and impedes efforts to resist the influx of Islam into our nations.  It also gives credulous adults and, most alarmingly, our children, a false and dangerous view of Islam.  This misinformation is found everywhere in our society: in the press; in our churches; in the entertainment media; in our legislatures; even in our law courts.   This misinformation presents the danger that people will be led into error about a matter that has to do with their eternal salvation as well as their physical safety.  This is why it is so important to us that this warning is sounded as quickly and as loudly as possible.

The modern followers of Islam are no less victims of Islam than non-believers are.  We think we also need to reach out a helping hand to Muslims in our own countries by speaking the truth to them about Mohammad and Islam.  Most Muslims have grown up hearing the cultist lies from their own parents, their teachers and their society in general.  And now they even hear these lies from non-Muslim people who hope to build bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims.  We stress: we believe that Muslims are at least as much at risk from Islam as non-Muslims are.   In fact, we think that it is also critical for people to speak out against Islam in Islamic countries, on the international scene and anywhere where Islam is encountered.  However, many others are already doing this – and most of them are far more qualified to do so than we are. 

We think we each need to learn the truth about the cult of Islam for ourselves.  We must all be equipped to stand on that truth and refute their arguments when we are confronted by some of the many misguided people in our country who preach and believe that all religions are the same and that Islam is a religion of peace.  Islam is not simply a religion and Islam is anything but peaceful!  We should all be equipped and prepared to speak these truths out at the appropriate time.

We accept that you may not agree with us on this specific point, but, as Christians, we are convinced that Islam is an attack on the world by Satan.  We also believe that faith in God and prayer to God is a powerful defense against Satan’s attack.  But, as the Book of James says, we must not only hear the word but we must also act on what we hear. If you are not a Christian, this website is still for you.  In some ways, people who are not Christians or Jews are in greater danger from Islamic terrorists than we mono-theistic believers are.  Mohammad gave us “people of the book” a somewhat favored status over what he called poly-theists and atheists.  We get to be enslaved by Islam unless we convert.  You are to be killed outright unless you convert.  We think you would be better to come over to our side! 

Islam claims that Mohammad, Islam's so-called prophet, was the final and ultimate prophet in a long line of the Israelite prophets mentioned in the Jewish and Christian scriptures.  We will show that this is not true.

Although Mohammad actually endorsed the value of  Jewish and Christian scripture, Islam now claims that has been corrupted.  Of course, Islamists are unable to substantiate this claim with facts or provide anything to effectively refute or disprove these scriptures.  Mohammad initiated the development of a large body of additional documentation that forms the bulk of Islamic scripture.  This additional documentation provides the basis of most of what we know about Islam and Mohammad.  Ironically, the negative comments made about Mohammad and Islam are normally based on Islamic scripture.  We will explain some aspects of Islamic scripture that are not well-known.  

One very confusing and deceptive aspect of Islam is its duality.  Islam has two faces; one for those who have declared their submission to Allah and a different one for those who have not done so.   This duality tends to confuse students of Islam who are not aware that the duality exists.  The religious demands placed on followers of Islam are onerous but not particularly remarkable or alarming at first sight.  If one shows interest in Islam he is likely to be instructed in the relationship between Muslims and Allah but he is unlikely to be made fully aware of the mandated relationship between Islam and non-Muslims.  Those who are sympathetic to Islam will probably fail to understand that, unlike every major religion, Islam's god is said to hate all people that do not submit to him or that Muslims are mandated to dominate and humiliate all non-followers of Allah.  We will go more deeply into the question of the duality of Islam.

Nobody who is at all aware of current events can be ignorant of the fact that Islamist Terrorists have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in the last several decades but they may not be fully aware that similar terrorism has been on-going for the entire history if Islam.  Mohammad himself declared that Allah had permitted Mohammad to terrorize his opponents - and he made it a practice to do so.  Islamist terrorists of today are merely following the example of Mohammad.   Mohammad used terrorist tactics to enforce submission to his agenda and to maintain compliance within the Muslim community.  Islamists are doing the same thing today.  We will look a bit more closely at the issue of Islamic terrorism.

From a religious point of view, Islam has been identified by Christian spokespeople as the Anti-Christ nation that is mentioned in many of the prophetic books of the Bible.  Speculation on this question has never been viewed as completely resolved and many alternative theories have been advanced at various times in history.  However, it cannot be denied that there are startling similarities between the Anti-Christ nation and the emerging situation in the middle east.  The question does at least deserve consideration by those of us who believe in end-times prophesy.  We will look more deeply into this question.

It cannot be denied that many non-Muslims have reached out their hands to Islam in friendship and welcome.  Some Christians believe that Islam shares the same god and the same Messiah as Jews and Christians.  Some have even gone to the extreme of attempting to combine the two religions into a united religion that some have called "Chrislam"  We declare that this is both a foolish and dangerous initiative.  These people are apparently ignorant of the vast differences between Islam and Christianity and between Jehovah and Allah!  We will show you why Chrislam is a really bad idea!