The god of Islam is called Allah.   Contrary to what many Muslims say and contrary to the nonsense that is parroted by Islamists’ useful idiots, the god of Islam is not the same as the God of Jews and Christians.   In pre-Islamic times in Arabia, a god called Allah was worshipped along with his consort and two daughters.  Allah was apparently the god that was favored for worship by the Arabic tribe from which Mohammad sprung.  At the start of Mohammad’s career, with the exception of Allah, he rejected all of the gods worshipped in Mecca, his “home-town”.  According to some early authors of histories of Mohammad, for a brief period, he also acknowledged and accepted Allah’s consort and daughters as gods.  These authors claimed that these three goddesses were even mentioned in the one of the Koranic verses that Mohammad delivered (these were the infamous “Satanic verses”).  However, his acceptance of these entities as goddesses was soon recanted by Mohammad because of the negative reaction of the Muslims to this huge contradiction to his previous teachings.  The satanic verses have been removed from the modern Koran and some modern Islamic scholars even deny this event ever happened.    

The word “Allah” is used in several different languages.  As a result, it does not mean the same thing to all people who use it.  In most, if not all of these languages, it was not originally a proper name but, rather, it was a generic word meaning “god” or “the god”.  In much the same way; in English we normally use the word “God” to refer to Jehovah, who is the God of Christianity and Judaism.  But “God” is not actually His name; it is more like His title or His job description.  In English we also use the word god (small g) to refer to any number of “false gods” or the gods of other religions.  In Islam the word “Allah” is used as the proper name of their god.

In Islamic Scriptures, Allah is a vengeful god:

  • Allah demands total submission by his followers, whereas Jehovah, the God of Jews and Christians allows all people free will.
  • Allah does not love non-believers, whereas Jehovah loves all people while wanting all people to acknowledge Him.
  • Allah demands and  imposes submission to his ideology on all humans, whereas Jehovah tells us there is only one way to the truth and invites us to follow it.
  • Allah endorses warfare to spread his ideology, whereas Jehovah does not.  In the Old Testament of the Bible (which is shared by Jews and Christians) Jehovah did endorse warfare to allow the Israelites to occupy the promised land but since that time all warfare where Jehovah intervened to defend Israel has been defensive.  There is no endorsement of conquest or warfare anywhere in the New Testament (which is the uniquely Christian segment of the Bible).
  • Allah endorses intimidation and terrorism to enforce submission to Allah, whereas Jehovah does not.
  • Allah authorizes and even mandates his followers to dominate, subjugate and humiliate non-believers or to kill them, whereas Jehovah warns His followers to treat the “strangers” in their midst with justice and respect.
  • And, most importantly for this book’s discussion, Allah only endorses his so-called Prophet verbally.  This is done repeatedly in the messages he gave (through that same prophet) in the Islamic scripture.  All of Jehovah’s prophets were endorsed by Jehovah by being given the ability to perform miracles or to accurately foretell events in the future.

In the interest of complete honesty, we must again acknowledge here that Christians and Jews generally disagree with each-other on the nature of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Both Jews and Christians believe there is only one God but Christians believe that there are three separate persons within the single Godhead. 

Christians believe that there is one Creator God who is benevolent and loving to all people.  The Christian and Jewish God offers salvation and eternal life to all people, no matter what they have believed or done in the past, if only they will repent and put their trust in Him.  Certainly, Jehovah rewards those who accept His offer of salvation with eternal life and withholds this reward from those who refuse the offer of salvation.  On the other hand, our God does not instruct or even allow us to impose our religion on others by force or coercion nor does he permit me, as an individual, to punish unbelievers.  This is definitely not the god of Islam!  In other words, we believe that Mohammad re-defined Allah as he developed Islam.

For clarity, everywhere on this website we will use the term “Allah” to refer only to the god of Islam.  Islam’s Allah, in our opinion is one of two things.  Either he is Satan who disguised himself as an angel from God to deceive Mohammad or he is a fabrication and misrepresentation of the true Creator God that was created by Mohammad to further his own personal agenda.  

A very significant fact that we always need to keep in mind is that Allah supposedly endorsed Mohammad repeatedly in the Koranic verses, giving him almost equal authority with Allah himself!  Especially in the later verses of the Koran, Mohammad often quoted “Allah and his Messenger” as the authority for new instructions.  Of course, we used the words “supposedly endorsed” in the previous sentence because all these verses actually came through Mohammad’s mouth.  We have no evidence, other than the word of Mohammad, that the Koranic verses actually came from God.

When Mohammad started to proclaim Islam, he claimed that Islam had existed throughout history and that all the (so-called) prophets of Islam from Adam through Noah, Abraham and Jesus to Mohammad were Muslims.  So, in effect, he simply hijacked the Jewish and Christian God as his own then re-designed God to become the Islamic Allah.  Historians tend to disagree with Mohammad about the origin of Islam.  Historians generally state that evidence of Islam first appeared in Arabia at the time of Mohammad.   

Islamic “Prophets” included many figures from the Jewish Old Testament but their stories were dramatically different from what the Bible says.   We should never forget that the Bible was in existence for centuries before Mohammad was born.  In effect, it is the source document for most of what came later and thus has more credibility.

The Islamic scriptures which we will discuss elsewhere give us most of the information that we have about Mohammad.  They provide all the evidence that we should need to conclude that Islam is totally and unquestionably the result of the words and teachings of Mohammad.  Therefore, to understand Islam, we really only need to know about and understand Mohammad.

- Islam's God - Allah