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A wise human is careful to know and understand both friends and enemies. 

Our advice to you is to do just that.  In this page and its related sub-pages we offer you the opportunity to learn who we are and what our objectives are.  We also want to give you information about Islam to consider.  Look at the selection of buttons below and click on them to learn more about the topics.  

Like most people in non-Muslim countries, we at Crusade10 have not personally experienced life under Islamic domination.  Our education about Islam is based on study and on the explanations and stories told to us by people that have lived under that ideology.  The anecdotal evidence about life under Islam is usually unsettling and disturbing to non-Muslims because it seems to tell of an evil and dangerous force that seems almost impossible to resist.  But there is a danger in anecdotal evidence - especially if it is accepted without question.  It can add depth or "flavor" to the subject but it usually cannot, by itself, provide verifiable facts about the issue.  To get that you need to go to the books on the issue.  In the case of Islam, these are the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira.

In the case of Islam, anecdotal evidence abounds in books and other media.  YouTube is a rich and helpful source of this sort of information.  In various places in this site, we will provide links to some of the best material: material that we have found  helpful for gaining both a theoretical knowledge of Islam and an understanding of the effect that living under Islam can have on the mind and personality of a Muslim. 

At slightly over an hour, the presentation below is a fairly long listen.  But it gives an excellent description by a very real, practical and believable woman of her experience of Islam and of her journey to a more balanced worldview.  To gain the most from the experience, listen right to the end, including the question and answer period..  We'd like to introduce you to Nonie Darwish, a courageous ex-Muslim: