- Mohammad - Changing the Laws


Unlike the true prophets of the Bible, Mohammad claimed special rights for himself.  Instead of following existing laws and traditions, he violated them whenever it was more convenient for him to do so.  We have shown elsewhere on this site that Mohammad was different from those the Bible considered prophets in that he was an aggressive conqueror and empire-builder.  He did not simply defend his own territory but he conquered others.  We have also seen that he claimed to be allowed more sexual partners than other Muslims were allowed.  There are several other examples in the hadith and sira where he took privileges or advantages that others were not allowed.  He did not follow the rules – he made them or changed them at his convenience.    

In particular, Mohammad revealed in the hadith that he had been given five privileges that nobody else had ever been given.  They are paraphrased here. 

One; he would be victorious by “awe”, striking terror in all his enemies within a month’s journey.   Obviously, this can easily be seen as the root cause of and justification for Islamic terrorism.

Two; the entire world was given to him to allow him and his followers to pray anywhere in the world.   Of course, this means that Allah has given the entire world to Islam.  Therefore, for a true believer of Mohammad, if the entire world belongs to Islam, there is no place left on earth for non-Muslims

Three; the loot or booty of war was made halal or acceptable to him.   Obviously, this legitimizes almost any action by Islamic forces after a successful battle or war, including the taking of sexual slaves, property, and land.  Mohammad’s followers were encouraged to colonize all lands they conquered and they became convinced that these conquered lands belonged by right to Islam and must never be given up.  The roots of today’s Palestinian conflict are found in seventh century Arabia. 

Four; he was sent to all mankind to show them the way to live.  Obviously, this gives Islamists the perceived right and responsibility to convert all people to Islam.  An expectation of peaceful co-existence with other religions on an equal basis with devout Islamists is unrealistic.

Five; he was given the right to intercede with Allah to admit anyone he chose into paradise.  Obviously, this gives Mohammad almost unlimited power over all his followers who believe that he was a prophet.  Mohammad lived by his own standards and he taught his followers that his standards were Allah’s standards.  While he never claimed divinity for himself, he proclaimed for himself equal authority with his god.  In reality, this is the same thing, in disguise.