- Mohammad - Political Murders

Islamic scripture clearly tells us that Mohammad was a murderer - though usually by proxy.  The hadith record several occasions where Mohammad ordered people murdered.  This started soon after he relocated to Medina.  Some posed an actual physical threat to the new arrivals and others simply spoke out in opposition to Mohammad and Islam.  We have already told the story of the murder of Abu Afak.  The story goes on from there, however.     

The killing of such an old man moved a poetess, Asma bint Marwan, to compose disrespectful verses about Mohammad and urge some man from her tribe to rise up to rid Medina of him.  At Mohammad’s request, she too was assassinated.  This was done that night by a blind Muslim who crept into the bedroom where she was sleeping with her children and impaled her with a sword.  The following day this fellow went to Mohammad for assurances that his action had been acceptable to Mohammad and, presumably, for assurance of Mohammad’s protection.  Mohammad is quoted as saying that the death of the woman was so inconsequential that not even two goats will butt heads over the issue (Goats are apparently quite quick to butt heads so this comment indicates that Asma’s death was unimportant).  The murderer was then allowed to accost the woman’s children, claim responsibility for the murder and challenge them to do anything about it. The sunnah documents by both Ibn Ishaq and al Tabari tell us of another victim of Mohammad’s political murder spree was Umm Qirfa, an elderly woman who was a leader of her tribe.  Her tribe, the Banu Fazara, had successfully resisted the Muslims in a previous engagement but was overcome in a battle that occurred in about 628.  Umm Qirfa and several other leaders of the tribe were captured.  Mohammad had  her executed by tying each of her legs to a camel and driving the 2 camels away from each-other, tearing the woman apart.