nder Sharia law a Muslim can take up to 4 wives.  The legal age for marriage of a female is a disputed issue within Islam.  While most Islamic countries have set a minimum age for a female to be married, Saudi Arabia and Yemen have not.  Regardless of the existing law, child brides are not uncommon in many countries where minimum ages have been set because, apparently, the laws are not always vigorously enforced. 

Non-Muslim women contemplating marriage to a Muslim would do well to remember the following.  A Muslim may marry up to 4 wives and does not need to get permission from current wives or even to inform existing wives that he will marry another woman.  A Muslim man can divorce one of his wives very easily but Muslim wives can have a great deal of difficulty to divorce their husbands.  Effectively, Muslim wives become the property of their husbands, as are the children of a Muslim marriage.  In a divorce situation it is quite rare for the mother to be given custody of the children and visitation rights may be difficult or even impossible to obtain. 

Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women but, in an Islamic country the rights of the non-Muslim woman can be few and weak.  The Koran forbids a Muslim woman from marrying outside of Islam. Marriage in Islam can be a far from equitable arrangement for the woman!

- Muslim Marriage