- Next  Steps

To pursue our Crusade, our greatest need will always be for people that will stand beside us.  Our drive for additional members will always be our first priority.  And, as we grow, we will never forget the need to guard ourselves against attack by terrorists and to work to protect and rescue people at greatest risk from Islam. 

With this in mind, our first specific project is to identify and align with organizations that are working to rescue people at risk.  We want to create these organizations where they do not already exist.  We will join or create a network of such organizations to work both in our own countries and in Islamic states.  This will be an on-going project.

While we are doing these things, we will also do everything we can to advance the Crusade by spreading the message about the character of Mohammad and the evil of Islam.  We will also work at nullifying the false messages about Islam that organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood have been spreading all around the world.  

Our next step will be to create a number of downloadable and thought-provoking questions that we will be asking supporters to attach to their emails.  We will erect them on signs to educate the public.   We will post them as ads wherever we can do so appropriately.  Of course, all these efforts will be dependant on the number of people that will stand beside us to do the work.  These messages will use the information in the trilogy of documents that provide guidance to Islamic religious beliefs and practices (the Koran, Sira and Hadith).  There is actually no better source of information about what Islam and Mohammad are all about.  They give people graphic glimpses into the character of Mohammad and the mandate of Islam.  This knowledge will, we hope, be sufficient for most decent people to turn them away from Islam forever.    

​We will also start to reach out to individual politicians at all levels of politics to determine their position on Islam and, where necessary, to educate them about the truth of Islam.  One of the more important groups of political people that we need to reach are school board members and the governing boards of institutions of higher education, because our school boards determine what our children are being taught and we need to ensure that they are not being taught the myth that Islam is a religion of peace - or even that it is only a religion.   But we also need to work at every other level of politics.  The mayors and councils of our communities have a role to play in how our society relates to Islam as do politicians all the way up to international organizations such as the United Nations.  We want to reach a situation where all people in politics are well aware of the truth of Islam and are willing to resist its expansion into our nations.  

We need to reach out to the media.  We must work to dispel the public perception that any movement that is against Islam is also promoting hatred and violence against individual Muslims.   To that end, we must ensure that nobody in our Crusade acts out in any way against individual Muslims who have done nothing to promote radical Islam.  The sad and baffling truth is that the media in most non-Muslim states has a strong bias toward supporting the Islamic agenda.  The success of the "Islamophobe" labeling campaign is proof of that fact. 

As cells of Crusaders are formed in various communities, we will ask them to carry out specific projects that are in line with the global vision of Crusade 10.  

But all of these ideas remain dreams until people "buy in" to our Crusade.  We urge every reader to get involved so we can do these things more effectively!