Simply put, our Crusade is aimed at:

  • telling our nations and the world about the danger of Islam,
  • encouraging our members and our societies to work toward a moral higher ground.  That is; to do what is right,
  • encouraging and facilitating unified action to prevent the spread of Islam, and 
  • preparing our nations for the inevitable military confrontation with Islam by those who are not willing to submit to Islam.

There are many ways that people will attempt to respond to Islam.  Some will submit and convert.  Some will deny that Islam is a threat.  Some will try to reform and improve Islam.  Some will even choose to submit, believing they can remain themselves under Islamic rule.  And some will resist until death.  All of these responses to Islam have inherent risks.  

Those Christians among us believe that people who convert to Islam will condemn themselves to damnation in the hereafter which, to Christians, is the greatest risk of all.  But converting to Islam has many earthly dangers as well.  A convert to Islam takes on all the  rules and responsibilities of a Muslim, including the ritual washing, the prayers, the fasting, and, most importantly the Jihad.  Islam appeals to the evil in some people - so violent Jihad might be attractive to evil people (though these people will find an outlet for their evil inclinations wherever they are). But Islam is not a refuge for someone who truly wants to live in peace.  There is a great deal of inter-sectarian conflict within Islam and a convert can be trapped in this conflict.   And once one has converted to Islam it is very difficult and dangerous to try to leave it.  One statistic we found says that twice as many Muslims as non-Muslims are killed by Islamic forces.   Our Crusade is to speak out and advise against joining Islam.  Most who do convert  eventually regret doing so.  We will also do all we can to convince Muslims that theirs is not a God-given religion and that Mohammad was anything but a prophet of the one true God.

When Neville Chamberlain returned from meeting with Hitler in 1938 he honestly believed that he had negotiated "Peace for our times"  His foolish belief that he could negotiate successfully with an evil man like Hitler weakened Britain's efforts to prepare for war and possibly contributed to the near-success of Hitler's war, which was declared the very next year.  For fourteen hundred years history has consistently shown that Islam is aggressively expansionist.  Yet many in non-Muslim countries suggest that they can "reason" with Islamists and even possibly reform their religion.  That is as foolish as Chamberlain's "Peace for our times" statement.  While we freely admit that many Muslims are gentle, kind and reasonable people, we are convinced that the Islamic movement itself cannot be changed and it cannot be convinced to co-exist with non-Muslims or to leave them alone.  Anyone who has the will to study the Islamic texts with an open mind will confirm that  Mohammad taught that the world belongs to Allah and to Islam; that Islam is justified in dominating the entire world; and that Muslims are required to support and cooperate in that struggle (or "Jihad").  There is no room to negotiate with these concepts.  Those who try are doomed to failure.  Muslims who, in their hearts, are not inclined toward aggression and evil may not act vigorously to pursue jihad.  But, in the end, one cannot be a devout Muslim and deny or refuse to follow the teachings of Mohammad.  

Our Crusade is to influence public opinion to recognize the danger of Islam.  We want to awaken our nation to the fact that Islam is not only a religion but it is also an aggressive and domineering political force.  We would have no objection to the religious aspect of Islam if it were possible to separate it from the political ambitions of the movement.   We, outside of Islam, must gain a clear understanding of the political aspirations of Islam if we are to survive as free people.  Fortunately, this isn't hard to do.  The Koran, Hadith and Sira clearly spell out these ambitions if we take the time to look into the question.  Political Islam wants to rule the world.  Unfortunately, non-Muslim countries have no shortage of apologists for Islam who, through self interest, lack of interest, political self-interest, emotion, or plain foolishness ignore the reality of Islamic ambitions and adopt the lies told by radical Muslims, other apologists and, sometimes, even our political leaders.  Islam has never shown itself to be a peaceful movement, even if some of its adherents are peaceful, "nice", and polite people.  We can never know enough to either trust or condemn the mind and heart of an individual  Muslim.  We can never be sure that the "nice" Muslim that we see and think we know is not, deep in his heart, a radical Muslim who would kill us if he felt it was necessary to advance Islam.  Our Crusade wants to convince the people of our nations to guard against and stop inviting more of the Islamist enemy to live within our borders.       

In some countries where Islam has conquered, there remain pockets of the original inhabitants who have not converted to Islam.  Islam permits this but ensures that these "dhimmis" do not have equal citizenship status with Muslims.   In these troubled times, we are hearing many stories from the middle east telling of the hardship and persecution some of these dhimmi populations are experiencing.  Our Crusade is to ease the pressure on these populations and, in extreme cases, to rescue them from the risk of death at the hands of radical Islamists. 

We choose to resist Islam!  Some will accuse us of declaring war on Islam but that is not the case.  Actually, Islam declared war on the rest of the world about 1400 years ago.  We believe that there is a very real possibility that there will be open warfare with Islamists in our own nations.  We plan to be prepared to defend ourselves when this happens.  Our Crusade will begin with resisting the expansion of Islam into our own nation and reaching out a protective hand to people in our nation who need refuge from violent Islamists.  As we grow in numbers and strength, we hope to be able to unite with and support people in the many other nations that are threatened by Islam.  While we certainly do not rule out military action in our own defense, it is not our plan or our desire to attack or invade Islamic nations!   Nor will we encourage or support violent action against innocent Muslims within our nations.  We are not now and never will be terrorists or supporters of terrorism.


- Our Crusade Objectives