Our Prayer

Creator and Sustainer of the universe, I honor You, I trust in You and I worship You.   You are benevolent, loving and merciful to your people.  I know there can only be one true God so I want to worship only You, Creator God. 

Humans have been divided into many belief systems.  Many people who want to worship You do not know who You really are.  They have been misled and deceived and do not know Your true nature or Your will.  They are willing to worship only You, but many are in error about who You are.  

Creator God, today I add my prayer to those of many other faithful people.  Please help each of us to know You better.  Please bring all willing people into the knowledge of Your true nature.  Help each of us to know Your will for our lives.  Please make Yourself known to each of us in whatever way you choose.  Help those of us who are in error to see the truth.       

Creator God, we ask for your protection from deception.  Throughout history, people who wanted to be called prophets and teachers have been in error and they have misled and deceived their followers.  Please protect us from such deceivers.  Help us to avoid and reject the teachings of people who preach false doctrine and false religion.  

Please, Creator God – We pray that You will show us the true path into You!

We hope that people of all faiths and even atheists will be attracted to this crusade because we all face a common threat - the encroachment of Islam into our nations.  However this specific page is aimed at those who. like many of us, believe in a single Creator God.  If you believe in one benevolent Creator God, we ask you to join us in a prayer that we pray daily to our God: the only God we recognize: The God that we believe created the universe and all that is in it.   

- Our Prayer.