The power to change things in our countries will come from the political establishment.   However, it will only come if the political establishment realizes that a significant number of its citizens are demanding the change. 

Therefore we will have to take united action to change the direction of the political establishment if we want to protect ourselves from Islam.  Please do not misunderstand, however!  Crusade10 is not preaching revolution!  We are advocating for change within our political establishment.  We can do this by changing the understanding and actions of politicians at all levels of government, from a local school-board member to the leader of our country - and everyone in-between.   We can effect this change by convincing politicians that we have the support of significant numbers of their constituents.   With enough cooperative support, we can succeed.  But we need your help!

We need you to declare and provide your support for the objectives shown in the text of the petition below. 

We also ask you to allow us to add your name and contact information to a list of people that have supported the petition.  The total number of supporters for this petition will be updated continually and updates will be published on the Crusade10 website.  The totals will be categorized by the jurisdictions in which the supporters live, allowing politicians in those jurisdictions to know how strong the support for our cause is at the local level.  

We are asking for contact information for each name on the list.  This is done because we are determined to be as honest and as transparent as possible.  Within Crusade10, we will do spot checks to verify that the names on the lists are legitimate and that those people were willing to have their names on the list.  However, for your protection, this list will never be published or made available electronically to anyone outside of Crusade10.  We will compile the lists and we will categorize the names on the list by city, by state/province/territory etc. and by country.   We will publish the totals of the supporters in each of these categories when the numbers become significant enough to attract the notice of politicians in these jurisdictions.   While we will cooperate with representatives who want to verify that the list of names is legitimate, we will never provide these lists to anyone outside of Crusade10.

How do you get your name on the list?  First click on the blue button below.  This will open a pdf file.  Print the document.  On the third page of the document, add your name and the names of any other people who have indicated their willingness to  have their names on the list.  Add up to 15 names to each document; ensure that information is added in all the columns (no blank spaces) and be sure this information is clearly legible as it must be transposed into the collated list.  

Because this work will require a great deal of work to be done at Crusade10, we need to request evidence that a nominal fee or donation has been paid to Crusade10 to support the work financially.  We ask you to go to the contact page, click on the "donate" button and donate through PayPal a minimum of two dollars per page of names.   When  you receive the PayPal receipt, please attach the list(s) of names and forward it to us at "".  Your names will be added to the master list as soon as possible after we receive them.   

​This is your opportunity to step out courageously to resist Islam.  Please do not fail the test!

- Petition and Declaration