- Political Action

A major objective of Crusade 10 is to begin to change the laws of our nations to allow us, as a nation, to take the steps necessary to protect us from Islam.  We need to reduce the influx of Muslims into our nations as soon as possible.  This is necessary because all devout Muslims provide at least some level of support to the objective of Islam to replace all legal systems, all political organizations and all religions except Islam.  

We also need to do everything we can to ensure that the Muslims that are already in our nations are not willing or able to support or take part in terrorist activities or violence to promote Islam.  We realize that this is an almost impossible objective to meet fully.  But there are things that we can do now.  There are many things that will require changes to our legal environment.  We will need united effort to change public opinion and to initiate the necessary changes.  We need all people who recognize the need for change to get involved! 

The single most troublesome issue with respect to Islam is that Muslims are bombarded on a daily basis with the false assertion that Mohammad is the Apostle or Prophet of the one true God who they call Allah.  This is particularly troublesome because the guidance documents of Islam clearly show that Mohammad initiated massacres and mass murders.  He commissioned the murder of individuals who had resisted him or offended him.  He married and had sexual relations with a 9-year old girl (Aisha).  He showed little honor or regard for the role of women in the society he imposed on his followers.  He executed people simply because they insulted him.  He named as enemies all people in the world who did not submit to the dominance of Islam.  All of these accusations are supported and verified by the guidance documents of Islam itself.  Yet, based on the words spoken by Mohammad himself, Islam points to Mohammad as the model Muslim! 

We want to see our government recognize the truth of the character of Mohammad and of the nature of Islam.  We believe there should be publically-sponsored educational campaigns that make people aware of the many evil things that Mohammad did.  We believe that his evil actions prove that Mohammad was not the messenger of a loving and benevolent god.   We want to work toward the time when it is considered illegal to proclaim publically or to profess that Mohammad was the model Muslim.  We believe that people that are taught and who believe that Mohammad acted within Allah's will when he did these evil things will feel empowered to emulate him.  The proof of this truth of this is the radical Islam of today. 

We also need to work diligently to oppose the work of many Muslim organizations that are attempting to impose changes to our laws that actually favor and enable the expansion of Islam.  One example of this is the move by a number of Muslim states to pass a resolution in the United Nations to make it illegal to say anything derogatory about Islam. 

​Further information about specific projects to work toward these goals will be provided as it becomes available.