We anticipate that we will be called both racist and Islamophobic.  Name-calling is a favorite tactic of those who do not have the truth to support them.  But being called a derogatory name does not make it true! 

With respect to racism, we will respond that Islam is an evil that has been inflicted on a large number of races.  While Islam originated in the Arabian Peninsula and was initially spread by Arabs, the Islamic movement is supported by people of a wide range of races, including some of our own.  We are against the doctrines, the political movement, the religion and the evil of Islam.  We are not against any individual race.  In fact, we invite people of all races, including people of all Middle Eastern countries, to join our Crusade.   Of course we cannot stop people from calling us these derogatory names so we must trust in the wisdom of most people who will, we hope, recognize the truth that we are not racist. 

Are we Islamophobic?  If we are to be called a derogatory name, we will accept this one with less protest.  Dictionary.com defines a phobia as an "unreasonable fear, horror or aversion".  We certainly experience  horror and aversion to the actions of the thousands or even millions of Muslims that work to follow the evil proclamations of Mohammad and Islam.  However, we certainly do not think that this is "unreasonable".   If we could see any evidence that the majority of Muslims view the actions of Islamic terrorists with horror and aversion and if we could see Muslims by the thousands loudly protesting terrorism, we would not be conducting this Crusade.  We believe that there are millions of Muslims who are, by nature, non violent and peace-loving.  They, like us, are facing the threat of the evil movement that is Islam.  They cannot speak out in safety.  We want to change that, even if we must face being called Islamophobic by those who simply cannot see the issue clearly. 

With respect to the "fear" aspect of the definition, we believe we share that fear with millions of non-Muslims who fear being murdered by radical Muslims.  We also share the fear with millions of Muslims who live their lives in fear of transgressing the laws of Sharia or of simply being viewed by the more devout Muslims as transgressors - and possibly murdered for that!  Again this is not unreasonable - there are 1400 years of evidence that Islam is a movement of war, not a "religion of peace".  

With respect to the "unreasonable" part of the definition, we believe that there are three groups of unreasonable people in this issue: 

  1. Those non-Muslims who cannot see the evil of Islam despite 1400 years of evidence to examine;
  2. Those Muslims who voluntarily follow the degrees and precepts of their false Prophet, Mohammad; and
  3. Those radical Muslims that think the rest of the world is too foolish to see the evil of Islam and too weak to resist it. 

Our fear, horror and aversion is certainly real but it is not at all unreasonable!   

- Are we Racist?  Islamophobic?