- Racist?  Islamophobic?

These days, it seems that everyone who speaks out against Islam is quickly branded as an islamophobe, a racist and, usually, a Nazi, fascist or wife-beater!  Maybe not the last – but no guarantees because the facts often do not matter to these name-callers!  Our point is that we know we are opening ourselves up to almost-certain attack by those who call themselves tolerant, progressive or liberal simply by creating this website.  You see, these days it seems that many of the people who are most vocal about their objection to what they call “haters” are quick to resort to hate-filled, violent language and disparaging slurs.  And whether these slurs are applicable or not is apparently deemed, by them, to be irrelevant.  These people are not particularly concerned about the truth, about honesty or about freedom of speech – they are simply looking for something nasty to write on their signs.  It seems to us that these advocates for "inclusivity" and “tolerance” have become the most intolerant of people!  We challenge them, if they want to be respected, to be particularly careful to seek and find the truth and to avoid using invective rather than reason in their arguments.  

In short, we want to make one thing perfectly clear.  We do not consider ourselves either Islamophobic or racist.  Nor are  we Nazis or Fascists.  Those who will accuse us of these things are simply name-calling which is (or should be) unacceptable in any civilized society and is actually a form of bullying that is often used by Islamists who have enthusiastically adopted the appellation and use it whenever they can to further their own agenda. 

It has become quite obvious that the term Islamophobia has been gladly adopted by Islamists to further the Islamification of non-Muslim nations.  It is used by them to discourage any criticism by anyone of any aspect of Islam or the actions of Islamists.  It is often also used extensively by the “useful idiots” of our own society.  For those who have not heard this term before, the term “useful idiots” has been applied to people within a society that advocate for an ideology that is harmful to that society, being driven by misunderstanding or ignorance of the true aims of that ideology.   There is, unfortunately, no shortage of useful idiots who have picked up the islamophobia mantra and are quick to use it to attempt to silence anyone who attempts to speak the truth about the cult of Islam.     

 We  suggest that, even if you are one of the useful idiots that are so helpful to the Islamist cause, you should refuse to use the word ‘Islamophobia” at all.

According to Dictionary.com, a phobia is defined as a mental disorder that results in debilitating and paralysing but irrational fear.  For example, agoraphobia is a fear of being in open or public places and this condition can cause the victim to be completely housebound.  We are  concerned by Islam and we believe that there is a very real threat to those who act or speak out to resist Islam.  Throughout almost 1400 years of Islamic history, the records show that Islamists have attacked, dominated and decimated culture after culture.   This makes the threat of Islam very real and therefore, a fear of Islam is by no means irrational.   Nor are  we debilitated by our concern about Islam.  In fact, it motivates us to speak out and resist the expansion of Islam into our country.  We believe that failing to recognize the presence of an enemy is either foolish or recklessly ignorant.  We also believe that failing to react appropriately to the presence of danger is at best, reckless, and at worst, simply stupid. 

Since a phobia is defined as a mental disorder, the term Islamophobia seems to have been deliberately coined to suggest that those who are concerned about Islam are not quite right, mentally.  We suggest that the term should be no more acceptable than “crazy”, “nuts”, “unbalanced” or “irrational” when addressed to a specific individual or group.  The use of the term Islamophobe is simply an attempt to hide name-calling in a socially-acceptable disguise.  Like all name-calling, this is abusive and offensive and should not happen in a decent society.  Those who resort to name calling are often unable to advance or defend their position with information or facts.  Often name-callers are actually seeking to hide the facts.  On the other hand, sometimes they are simply fools, bullies or bigots.     

Actually, we wonder how many of the people who will call us (or others with similar messages to ours) Islamophobic are secretly afraid to stimulate anger and resentment in Islamists.  Any reasonably-aware human in the modern world should know that stimulating anger among Islamists can be a dangerous action.   How many are so intimidated by Islam that they are afraid to recognize the enemy – or afraid to name it if they can recognize it?  In fact, is it not they who are debilitated by Islamophobia and not us?  With respect to the accusation of racism, we would point out that today there are people of most or all races who embrace Islam, including our own races.  If we oppose these people are  we prejudiced against our own race?    Of course not.  Opposing Islam is no more racist than opposing any other evil or criminal action such as racism, Nazism, theft, terrorism, rape or murder.