- Recognize The Danger Of Islam

Let us give you an actual historic example to demonstrate how we think we need to deal with Islam.

World War 1 was called by people who fought it a “war to end all wars”.  Obviously, it was not effective in ending all wars.  But it seems to us that WW1 was the effective end of European colonialism.  Obviously, that was one good result of this war.  But the end of WW1 sowed the seeds for an even more destructive war only a few decades later.  The Treaty of Versailles, which brought that war to a close imposed extremely humiliating and punishing economic burdens on Germany.  The hardship and resentment caused by this punitive settlement created fertile ground for the rise of a new and more potent evil - the Nazi regime in Germany.

The Nazi political platform was quite attractive to Germans in the post WW1 1930s because it offered a return to economic health as well as a resurrection of German pride.  Initially, the Nazis provided innovative solutions to many of the problems that post World War One Germans were facing.  For example, the Volkswagen “Beetle” was sponsored by the Nazi party to make an affordable car available to every German family.  Unfortunately, as time went on it became obvious that the bad aspects of Nazism far outweighed the good.  The official Nazi political platform had several high-sounding principles:     

  • The right to choose the government and determine the laws of the State was to belong only to citizens.
  • They promoted the principle of self-determination of all peoples.
  • The State was to “ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently and earning a livelihood.
  • They wanted a generous increase in old-age pensions.
  • They wanted profit-sharing by employees in large industries.

Today, few people really know – or care - very much about the positive aspects of Nazism because of the profound evil that they perpetrated in the world.  Can we exonerate Nazism because of the good points in their ideology?  Of course not!

Attempts to appease Hitler and his Nazis lead to the annexation of Austria and the invasion of Czechoslovakia.  Allied nations’ appeasement almost certainly encouraged Hitler in his horrible attempt to annihilate the Jews of Europe and probably encouraged him to invade Poland.  Appeasement only delayed the war: it did not prevent it.  

Resistance to Nazism by the Allied nations resulted in a war with Germany and the Axis powers.  Casualties of that war are estimated at nearly 50 million people.  Aside from the allied casualties and the victims in concentration camps, huge numbers of brave, good and decent Germans were killed along with many of the evil people within the Nazi party.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor in Germany when the Nazis came to power.  He was quick to recognize the danger that Hitler posed to the world.  He quickly began to speak out publicly to warn people about the danger of Nazism and about the risk of Hitler’s agenda.  He continued in vocal opposition to the regime throughout the years leading up to World War 2.   During the war, he was imprisoned.  He was executed in the last months of the war after it was learned that he was involved in a plot to assassinate Hitler, In fact, he was no danger to Hitler because he had been in a concentration camp for a year and a half before the assassination attempt. 

He was an extreme example of Christian activism in the face of evil.  He believed that Christians must not only “bandage the victims under the wheel, but jam the spoke in the wheel itself.”  Some people today may have a bit of trouble understanding this figure of speech but his message is clear that Christians are called to not only help the victims of evil but they must oppose the evil itself. 

Essentially, this is why we are writing this book.  We think non-Muslims need to stand against the evil of Islam.  With political activism, changed laws, honest words and with issue-specific teaching while this is still an option.  With weapons if we are attacked.  We hope that by the time you have read our words you will agree that Islam is at least as much of an evil threat in today’s world as Nazism was in Bonhoeffer’s day.

Like Nazism, the ideology of Islam, has a number of very good aspects.  Most of these good points of Islam are most obvious to Muslims who are in what Islam calls Dar as Salam or the “House Of Peace”.  This designation refers to the Muslim-controlled nations (which, if we are to be honest, are some of the least peaceful areas on earth).  Life in Muslim nations can be generally well-ordered and peaceful.  Citizens of most Muslim countries do not face many of the factors that we, as Christians, would call deplorable (drugs, sexual promiscuity, drunkenness, etc.).  But because Islam has some good points, should we ignore or excuse the over-arching evil of the ideology of Islam?  Can we excuse the terrorist actions of radical Islamists who are following the ideology of Islam?  Can these things be ignored because Islam has some “nice” followers?  Certainly not!  Like with Nazism we should stand united against the evil in the Islamic ideology.

During WW2 were all Germans evil?  Of course not!  Likewise, can we condemn all Muslims because their ideology is evil?  Again, of course not!  But, after finding out what Nazism was all about, should we have formed military alliances with Nazi Germany?  Should we have trained their military and supplied them with weapons?  Should we have invited known Nazis into our workplaces, into our communities, or even into our countries?  We don’t think so!  Yet governments of non-Islamic nations are doing all of these things with nations and people that subscribe to Islam.  A serious student of the history of Islam will see that nations ruled by Islam have committed multiple similar crimes against humanity to those carried out by the Nazis.   And most of them continue at least some of these evil actions today!   Should we be making agreements with Islamic-ruled countries to strengthen their armed forces or to train their fighters?  Should we allow massive immigration from those countries or bring their citizens into positions of power within our own countries.  We don’t think so!   

Bill Warner is the pseudonym of a college professor who has studied the history of Islam in depth.  He estimates that the death toll from Islamic expansionism is at least 270 million people.  According to Warner’s estimates, 120 million Africans have been killed, 80 million Hindus (during the conquest of the Indian sub-continent), 60 million Christians (in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe), and 10 million Buddhists in Asia.  The death toll is not complete because Islamic expansionism is continuing today – in Central Africa, In Asia, in Europe and in our own nation!  Will we wake up and resist it or will we succumb without a struggle?

I freely admit that most Muslims are not terrorists.  But most terrorists today are Muslim.  In recent decades, Islamic terrorism has become more widespread than ever before.  No country is immune.  However, for some reason, our political leaders are reluctant to name Islam as the enemy.  Instead they have referred to “Islamists” as the problem and many have even tried to draw a distinction between the Islamic terrorists and the so-called religion of Islam.  The media downplays and sometimes even fails to mention that the perpetrators are Muslims when they report on terrorist strikes.  But the terrorists themselves are proud to claim that their actions are for the glory of Allah and for Islam. 

Without any reasonable doubt, Islamic terrorists have openly declared themselves to be the enemies of non-Muslims everywhere.  Terrorist attacks by Islamists have happened on all continents except, possibly, Antarctica and in almost all countries of the world, including both Islamic and non-Islamic nations. 

People are always wise to know as much as they can about their enemies.  Since it cannot be denied that these Islamic terrorists are our enemies, we should learn the truth about Islam.  If Islamist terrorists only numbered in the hundreds or even in the thousands, we might be excused for not considering Islam a significant enemy.  But the truth is that there are already tens-of-thousands and possibly even millions of radical Islamists who are currently equipped for war and who are actively trying to advance the cause of Islam through warfare.   Add to these numbers the multiple millions of Muslims that do not personally engage in violence but who refuse to do or say anything to oppose or condemn Islamic terrorism, and it becomes very obvious that non-Muslims are facing a very real threat from Islam.  Each of us needs to decide whether we will submit to Islam or if we will resist Islam, even if it results in our own death.

Many people in non-Islamic countries attempt to convince us that Islamic terrorists are just a radical fringe of Islam and that Islam is a religion of peace.  We think this website clearly shows those who are willing to face the truth; that radical Islamists are actually following the lead of Mohammad and the teachings of Islam.  We wanted to declare that Islam has never been simply a religion nor has it ever been peaceful!  Personally, as Christians we believe that Islam is Satanic in origin and that Satan is the real enemy.  But we realize some people will disagree about the spiritual aspects of this issue.  But does it really matter where Islam comes from?  Isn’t the most relevant fact that it is here now, and we need to decide how we will respond to it?  

But again, we want to urge the reader to remember that we are talking about the ideology of Islam, not the individual Muslim.

Recent events in our lives have given us the chance to spend a lot more time studying the issue of Islam from the point of view of a non-academic.  From the point of view of the average non-Muslim in North America, if you will.  We are convinced that what we are saying is true.  We are urging the reader to verify the things we are saying, if they doubt our words.  This can be done fairly easily by examining the Islamic scriptures – the Koran and the sunnah.  However, we do not suggest that everyone needs to study Islam in depth.  We think that the facts we present on this website will allow anyone with an open mind and reasonable common-sense to decide that Islam is an evil ideology. You have the right and even the responsibility to assess the truth of what we are saying for yourself.  Such an assessment takes study which in turn takes time and resources.  Not everyone has this extra time and it is hard for many of us to find and access the resources.  To help with this, elsewhere on our website we provide lists and links to resources that can help you verify the accuracy of our statements.  We urge you to take advantage of these resources. .