There are six types of relationship with Islam that we at Crusade10 recognize.

The first group is those who are willing to act to oppose Islam.  This is the group that includes Crusade10 members and supporters.  We stand with many others against the threat of Islam and will work towards a time when all people recognize the danger of Islam and refuse to co-exist with that evil movement.  Crusade10 is by no means the only organization that is speaking out to oppose Islam.  In fact there are many.  We hope to be a unifying force within this group.  We feel that, unless those opposing Islam unite, it is likely that our nations will be overwhelmed one-at-a-time by Islam and Mohammad's plan will be furthered. 

To describe the second group of people we have borrowed a Muslim word; "dhimmi".  In Islamic countries, dhimmis are people who have not converted to Islam but who have submitted to Islam in order to be permitted to live in that country.  They live as lower-class citizens than Muslims and they must be careful never to say or do anything that appears to insult or speak against Islam.  Many live in constant fear of their Muslim overlords.  We have chosen to define people in our nations as dhimmis if through fear, foolishness or ignorance of Islam, they believe that peaceful coexistence with Islam is  possible.  At present, most non-Muslim nations are ruled by dhimmis and a significant number of people in those nations have that sort of worldview with respect to Islam. 

​Another group of people we can never forget about is the people who are at risk of becoming victims of Islam.  Sadly, the fact is that the dhimmi-led nations of the world have been very good at forgetting and ignoring the plight of people in the nations neighboring the aggressively Islamic nations - especially if they don't have vast reserves of oil.  As individuals, we can do little to help or protect these people.  Crusade10 is determined to work toward a time when we, as a movement, can provide meaningful help and protection to these people.  Our first practical project, which will require much in terms of volunteer time and financial resources, will be to offer rescue and support to people at risk of honor killings because they want to escape Islam. 

The fourth group of people we are concerned with are the people within Islam that want to escape Islam.  We believe that there are many within Islam that would gladly escape if they believed it would be safe to do so.  Non-Muslims might find it hard to understand that it is not a simple or easy thing to leave Islam.  People doing so put all aspects of their life at risk.  Even in the more progressive and moderate Muslim families there are often hard-line people who will react violently and even murderously to an attempt by a family member to leave Islam.  Honor killings sometimes result from an attempt to marry for love instead of agreeing to an arranged marriage.  Muslims that leave Islam and convert to another religion are considered apostates and are sometimes marked for death by family members, acquaintances or even the government of nations governed by sharia law.  Our first project will be to offer rescue and support to people who are at risk of "honor" killings because they want to escape Islam.

The fifth group of people we at Crusade10 are concerned with is huge in numbers.  It includes the majority of practicing Muslims.  Crusade10 recognizes that the majority of Muslims are not what the media in non-Muslim countries is calling "radicalized".  The term "radicalized" apparently means that these particular Muslims are willing to engage in terrorist acts to advance the cause of Islam.  Crusade10 recognizes that the majority of Muslims are apparently not willing to be terrorists.  However, virtually all practicing Muslims are taught that  it is their duty to work to spread Islam into all the world by whatever means necessary.  They are taught that Mohammad was the model Muslim and that he should be imitated by all good Muslims.  The problem is that Mohammad carried out many actions that would have been considered crimes or even crimes against humanity in most civilizations of that day and certainly would be condemned in all non-Muslim countries today.  Thus all Muslims are taught that it is their religious duty to commit actions that are criminal in nature.  Fortunately, not all Muslims follow these directions.  But it can be seen by anyone who looks with an open mind that few Muslims speak out against the crimes of the radicalized Muslims.  We at Crusade10 believe this is both because doing so could be dangerous and because they know these are actions that Mohammad would have approved.  

The religious standards of Islam are unique in some aspects though most are similar to those of other religions where murder, stealing and other crimes are condemned.  A couple of the more unique aspects of Islam are its near-worship of the Kabah and the black stone; the requirement to worship in ancient Arabic (which is a language most Muslims do not fully understand).   But the most worrisome aspect of Islam is its near worship of Mohammad, who is recognized as a man but who is treated like a god.  Crusade10 believes that many Muslims have not heard or understood what kind of person Mohammad was.  We believe that educating Muslims in the facts about Mohammad might convince large numbers of them to reject Mohammad and Islam.   Crusade10 want to reach out to Muslims and to present the facts to them in the hope to encourage movement within Islam to reject the worship of Mohammad.   

The sixth and final relationship we want to mention is the relationship with radical jihadist Islamists.  It goes almost without saying that there is no reasonable possibility of any relationship other than a hostile one with Islamist terrorists.  This is certainly by their choice.  Their objective is to draw the entire world into open conflict with the Islamic states that will, they hope, result in Islam dominating the entire world.  But there is a realization within Crusade10 that no other option is open to non-Muslim countries.  Crusade10 recognizes that we are already in a battle to the death with Islam.  Muslims are taught that there can never be a treaty of peace between Muslims and the rest of the world (those called Kaffirs by Muslims).  The most that is permissible is a cease-fire and that is only entered into in order to allow the jihadists to reorganize and strengthen themselves to continue the struggle.   Crusade10, as a movement, is not in a position today to wage military war on Islam nor does it ever anticipate waging anything but a defensive war within our own borders or, when necessary, to come to the aid of our allies.  But Crusade10 will never expect to see a treaty of peace between all Islamic states and non-Muslim states.  Even if such a treaty were signed, we would be certain that it would be broken by the radical Islamists. 

We must all choose what our relationship with Islam will be.  Will we resist, even at the risk of death, or will we submit.  At Crusade10, we will resist.


- Relationships with Islam