There are many things that we believe everyone can do to support the objectives of the crusade against Islamification of our society.  The first task of any Crusader is to prepare for the battle.  We are naive if we think we can win any battle without careful preparation.  Nor can we expect to be at all effective if we enter the battle alone.  The most valiant warrior may fight bravely and vigorously and yet be defeated easily if not prepared and adequately supported.  We need to do at least two critical tasks before we set out to fight Islam.  First, we must do what is right to prepare.  Second, we must unite with allies in the battle.  And, even before these two things, if we hold to a faith in God, we must pray for help and success.   

Before we confront Islamists face-to-face we must do all we can to strengthen our society.  Many of us, as individuals, and all of us as a society have grown weak and lax with respect to character and moral standards.  Honesty, honor, courage, faithfulness, reliability and many other characteristics that were once highly valued are seldom even mentioned in our society today.  Islamists see this and have little but contempt for our societies.  We may honor democracy and tolerance.  They do not.  We are deluded if we think we hold the moral high ground over Islamists.  We do not - although they do not either.  Right now it is vacant.  We need to take that moral high ground in our own lives and we need to work passionately to move our society toward that same objective.  Things we can each do to prepare for this crusade include:     

  1. Working to strengthen ourselves, both morally and physically; 
  2. Working  to strengthen our  nation morally;
  3. Learning more about Islam;
  4. Spreading the word, both about this movement and about the danger of Islam;
  5. Getting involved in whatever way you can! 

Please contact us if you are willing to volunteer to help.  If you are skilled in graphic design, we could certainly use your help.  If you would be willing to receive and respond to correspondence relating to the Crusade, we'd love to be able to call on you as the workload increases.   

Currently our greatest need as an organization is people to join us, volunteer and to get actively involved.  If that is not something you can do, we also need financial support - Go to "Contact Us" to donate if you are willing. 

Those of us who believe in a benevolent Creator God believe also that prayer to God is helpful.  We ask those of you who do believe in a Creator God to join with us in a daily prayer to that higher power.  

The effort to resist the spread of Islam in our nation must be a political effort.  For this to happen we must influence politicians at all levels to come out in favor of the necessary action.  Unfortunately, the truth of politics is that the voices of individuals are not heard by politicians.  But, fortunately, the voices of multitudes are heard and multitudes can influence action.  

In recent years, voices that spoke out against the dangers of Islam have usually been silenced by the "political correctness police".  This is changing as the excesses of Islamists continue unabated.  Now is the time for us to speak out as a united voice to demand quick action.   Now is the time for you, personally, to decide if you want to be part of the solution or if you will put it off and wait till it is too late.   Individuals go unheard by politicians.  Complaints and opinions expressed in private conversations go unheard by politicians.  Impatient voices raised in united demands for action will be clarion calls for politicians.  Will you join with us and speak out to demand that our politicians act to resist Islamification in our country?  

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