Christian theology contends that, as the end of the world is approaching, there will arise an individual and a nation that is dedicated to the destruction of Christianity and Judaism.  This “AntiChrist” will initially display extreme, seemingly supernatural power and success.  Ultimately, however, the AntiChrist will be defeated and utterly destroyed.  According to the prophets, several of the nations surrounding Israel which are specifically identified by their ancient names will be destroyed during this conflict by Jesus without human assistance.  All of these ancient regions are currently Muslim-ruled countries.  These prophesies also say that ultimately the AntiChrist will be defeated and cast into hell. 

Islam has an end-times prophecy narrative that tells a somewhat different story.  Islam teaches that, in the end times an Islamic leader, the Mahdi, will appear to complete the domination of the world by Islam.  He will do this with the assistance of a re-appearing Jesus Christ (who was, they believe, a Muslim all along).  The actions and attributes of this Mahdi closely resemble those of the Christian AntiChrist except, of course, that, in Islamic prophesy the Mahdi will not be defeated. 

In the history of Christianity, there has been no shortage of people and nations that have been incorrectly identified as being the AntiChrist.  In recent years many mainstream theologians, especially in the Americas, have maintained that the AntiChrist will come from Europe or Russia.  On the other hand, ever since the appearance of Islam, many Christians have stated their belief that Islam is the “nation” from which the AntiChrist will arise.  We suggest that we will never know with certainty who the AntiChrist is until the end-times events have played out to the point where all doubt is removed. 

On the other hand, we believe that, in the near future, a leader will arise in one of the northern countries of the Middle East (probably Turkey or possibly Iran - but not Russia, as many modern-day Christian scholars suggest).  This leader will unite many of the Islamic nations surrounding Israel.  He will first attack and destroy an alliance of the southern Islamic nations of the Middle East before turning his attention to the destruction of Israel.  The attack on Israel will initially appear successful but Jesus will return in what many have called his Second Coming.  He will destroy the AntiChrist and his forces and initiate a thousand-year period called the Millennium.     

In short, our  position is that, “Islam is evil and dangerous; Islam is the AntiChrist; Islam will be defeated and destroyed at the second coming of the Jewish Messiah”.

- The Anti-Christ - Islam?