We believe that the majority of Muslims today are not terrorists.  But experience tells us that the majority of terrorist actions in the news today have been committed by people that claim to be devout Muslims.  Why would Islamists resort to terrorism?  Certainly, nobody can know what is in the heart of another human.  Nor can we ever legitimately conclude that all people in any category of humans are driven by the exact same motivations, ideology or belief.  There are several possibilities that exist to explain why a person would resort to terrorism.  Let us explore some of these possibilities.


Many Islamic terrorists believe that terrorism is a legitimate tool for spreading their ideology.  We need to examine the question of whether the terrorists that call themselves Muslim are actually following the ideology of Islam or are they deluded and mistaken about what Islam calls them to do?  Are they simply using Islam to excuse their actions?  Do they misunderstand their own ideology?  

Many people in non-Islamic countries express the opinion that Islamic terrorists have hijacked Islam and that they are really not acting as Muslims should.  we certainly agree that terrorists are not acting as they should.  But it is more difficult to settle the question of whether they are acting in a manner that is contrary to Islam.  No honest and informed person can deny that Islamic terrorists are doing similar things to those committed in the foundational years of Mohammad’s cult. As discussed elsewhere in this book, Mohammad carried out economic warfare.  He commissioned political murders as well as murders for personal revenge.  He initiated mass murders.  He intimidated, tortured and robbed others for financial gain.  He executed people for objecting to or refuting his religious pronouncements or for leaving his cult.  He used a deliberate strategy of terrorizing the objects of his ambitions in order to carry out his conquests.  He claimed that he had been given the right to conquer the entire world and to impose his ideology on all people.  He told his followers that he was the best example of a Muslim and that they would do well to emulate him in all things that he did.   In short, Mohammad did tell his followers to use terrorism and this can be verified by researching Islamic scripture.

Honesty demands that we also point out that some Islamic teachers and clerics do speak out against terrorism and against Islamic oppression of both Muslims and non-Muslims.  However, we can also claim with honesty that there is no shortage of Islamic teachers and clerics who support terrorism.  Nor do we in non-Islamic nations see any loud and vehement outcry against terrorism coming from the Muslim population as a whole.  We obviously cannot know what is in the heart of the majority of Muslims.  We suspect, however, that many Muslims would prefer that there were no Islamic terrorists.  We believe that these people are reluctant to speak out for two legitimate reasons.  First, because of a reasonable fear of those same Islamic terrorists and their supporters.  A vocal Muslim opponent of radical Islam is at far greater risk from Islamic terrorists than most non-Muslims.  The second reason that Muslims might be reluctant to speak out against terrorism is the fact that they know, at least in the back of their minds, that Mohammad permitted and even commanded the use of terrorism and the conquest of the entire world by Islam. 

In summary, we believe that any informed and honest person must conclude that most Islamic terrorists are following the teachings of Mohammad – at least with respect to their terrorist actions.  

Evil Inclination

Nobody likes to be called evil.  Some people even deny that evil exists.  But we are convinced that some people tend towards evil more than others do.  Many who call themselves liberal or progressive would object to this statement but we maintain that evil exists and that some people are prone to evil actions.  Some people rejoice in witnessing the pain of others; in intimidating and bullying others; in victimizing others, whether for profit, for sexual gratification or simply for the “fun of it”.  All sincerely-held ideologies, including Islamic terrorism, offer people with such evil inclinations an opportunity to do evil with the added benefit that they can maintain a pretense of righteousness.  Because, it seems to me, the more evil humans are, the more they want to be seen as good!    

The Occupation of Palestine

Many people would think that anyone who resorts to terrorism must be angry over an injustice done to them. 

We have only to look at the success that Hitler experienced as the Nazis rose to power in Germany to see how perceived injustice can arouse anger in otherwise peaceful people.  We can see many similarities between the Germany of the 1930’s and Islamic countries today.   Hitler falsely portrayed the Jews of Europe as the authors of many of Germany’s economic problems in the 1930’s.  There were undeniable economic injustices inflicted on Germany at the end of World War One and these injustices left many Germans with a deep and burning rage that was easily fed and magnified by Hitler’s rhetoric.  Islamic clerics and leaders in many Middle East countries frequently and publicly vilify Israel, Jews and the West.  They distort history and blame many of the deficiencies in their Islamic states on outsiders.  

In recent years these Islamists have stirred up tremendous resentment in people around the world by using a false narrative that the Israeli have invaded and occupied Palestine and driven out the original inhabitants.  The historical truth is that Jews have occupied and been resident in Israel for over 3000 years - much longer than the Arabs who invaded and occupied the area in 637 a.d.  Sometimes there was only a small remnant of the Jewish population (such as after the Babylonian conquest and after the Roman conquest).  But since around 1400 BC there has never been a time when there were no Hebrews / Jews at all in the land of Israel. 

On the other hand, there has never been an independent country called Palestine.  The name “Palestine” was coined by the Romans after their conquest of the Jewish inhabitants of the region.  The term “Palestine” has always been used to define provinces or segments of a larger entity or empire.  The Palestinians of today are not and have never been a separate ethnic people group.  In fact, the name would apply as legitimately to the Jews who lived in that area at the time of the creation of the modern state of Israel as it does to the people that call themselves Palestinians today.  Palestinians come from a number of related but different ethnicities.  A large percentage are ethnic Arabs who were not indigenous to the area but, instead, are the descendants of invaders and occupiers of the land.  Many so-called Palestinians are descendants of peoples such as the Moabites, Ammonites, or Edomites that had lived in nations around ancient Israel in ancient times.  If anyone is an “occupier” it is the Arabic speaking Palestinians.  But Islamists have convinced many that Israel’s presence in the area is unjust.  This is one of the significant causes of middle east unrest, although the basic conflict is, as always with Islam; between Islam and all other faiths.  

Education and Conditioning

Even in non-Islamic nations, there is a pervasive and disastrous cultural atmosphere that enables and even encourages radicalization of Muslims.  It is most obvious in Islamic nations where the media, the schools and the mosques are all supportive of Mohammad and his cult teachings.  Anti-Semitic and Anti-West rhetoric is prevalent to a lesser or greater extent in all Islamic nations.  But this is even true, although to a lesser extent, in most non-Islamic nations.  One has only to say something negative about Islam (such as this book) and the reaction is emphatic and negative from the media and from the mouths of the “politically-correct”

What has happened to our society when a person who is proclaiming a clear and present danger is vilified in the public’s eye?  How can educators and politicians ignore 1400 years of history while proclaiming that “Islam is a religion of peace”?  How can people believe that it is reasonable to ignore the fact that a large percentage of Muslims are committed to the destruction of the way of life in non-Islamic nations?  How can we welcome these people into our nation in ever-increasing numbers while ignoring the risk inherent in doing so? 

We are conditioned in our educational system to believe that we must accept and respect all other people unquestioningly.  The largely-liberal media promotes this belief-system unrelentingly.  Increasingly, our laws require us to set aside our moral judgement with respect to the actions and belief-systems of others in the name of a new “god”: tolerance.  We must now be accepting and inclusive of all others – regardless of what they believe or profess.  This is not all bad but neither is it all good.  

How does this promote radicalization of Muslims?  They fail to hear about the negative aspects of Islam.  They are not told about the murders, the genocide, the subjugation of women and of non-believers.  Or, if they are told about these things, it is in a context that encourages them to emulate these actions in the name of Islam.  Islamic clerics and leaders are free to say what they want about Islam and to paint it in the most attractive light they can while our schools, our mainstream media and even our social media are restricted almost to silence about the negative aspects of Islam.   

Tolerance and acceptance of others are good qualities for both individuals and societies.  We should all strive to build these qualities in ourselves – but never at the expense of wisdom, realism, truth and reason.   It is not realistic, wise or reasonable to ignore the realities of Islam!   

Racial Tensions

It is becoming more and more obvious that Islamists are sowing seeds of discord in many other areas of the world.  Most recently Islamists have been active in stirring up racial tensions between blacks and whites in North America.  While one would be a fool and a liar to deny that there has been a long history of discord between European whites and people of other races in the Americas, there is plenty of evidence that Islamists have become prominent in the Black Lives Matter movement, in Antifa and in other combative ultra-left groups.  These groups are increasingly active in finding, pointing out and exaggerating issues that generate feelings of injustice in those susceptible to such tactics.   One doesn’t have to look too hard to find Islamists in the leadership ranks of these groups.  As a result, these groups totally ignore the horrendous examples of bigotry, intolerance and injustice shown by ISIS, Boco Haram, Hamas and other Islamic organizations while focussing on the injustices carried out by individuals in North America.


- The Islamist Terrorist