- The Solution - Chrislam?

In recent months, we were amazed to learn that there is a movement to combine Islam with Christianity and to create a new worldwide religion that some are calling Chrislam.  We doubt if the idea of uniting the world’s two largest religions will ever work - nor would we participate if it did.  But we do want to comment, briefly, about this insane idea.

We want to go on record as believing that no true Christian that understands the tenets of his or her faith can possibly be involved in the effort to join Christianity with Islam.  Mohammad, in his Koran as well as in the hadith, was quite vocal about denying the divinity, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus.  These issues were of great importance to Mohammad because if they are considered true, nobody can believe in Islam.  These three tenets are also the foundation of Christianity and the essential reasons that Christianity is different from Judaism.  

The idea that either Muslims or Christians that truly understand and believe their religions can transition into this common religion called Chrislam is simply ridiculous.