- Knowing the Truth


The only way rational people can conclude that that they understand the right and wrong about an issue is if they know the entire truth about the issue.  This website is intended to offer you information and guidance to help you search for the truth about Islam. 

Political correctness advocates sometimes suggest that the truth is different from one person to another.  We reject with this position.  We maintain that there are certain basic truths that can only be disputed by those who do not know the facts or by those who choose to ignore the truth in order to advance their position on the issue.  Truth can be misunderstood, denied or ignored, but truth is a constant.  Like a strong fortress, truth can not be overcome.  Our aim is to help you decide what the truth is. 

If we are in error about any fact concerning Islam. we welcome correction.  But don't send us stories and opinions about individual Muslims.  To say "most Muslims are peace-loving" is as foolish as saying "most Muslims are terrorists"  Some of us know "really nice" Muslims and most of us have heard stories about loving, decent, and even heroic Muslims.  All of this is irrelevant because it speaks to individual personalities and not to the truth of Islam.  Nor is it particularly relevant to speak about how Muslims are taught to relate to each-other.  Crusade 10 freely admits that, on the whole, Islamic teachings require Muslims to treat other Muslims reasonably and decently (this reasonable treatment does not extend to their women, however).  The most relevant discussion for non-Muslims and the most relevant truth for the world as a whole is what Islam teaches and what the stated objectives of Islam are.  These things are well documented in Islam and can be studied by those who care to learn the truth.  But few people outside of Islam have read the relevant documentation or studied the principle upon which Islam operates with respect to non-Muslims.  We repeat, we want to know about any errors that we have made about Islam but we simply ask that you contact us and provide the correction and reference to the documentation that verifies your facts.  

Once you know the true facts about an issue, you have a reasonable basis for deciding what is right and what is wrong about the issue.  But you cannot make that decision without considering another critical factor: morality. The foundation or basis for your morality will determine what you see as right or wrong.       

We will work hard to only present the facts about Islam.  What you do with these facts becomes your moral decision.