- The Truth

More and more foolish people today are under the delusion that there are no absolute truths.  That there are no moral absolutes.  That morality is obsolete.  That humans can decide for themselves what is right and wrong, true or false. 

Actually, the idea that there is no absolute truth is both ridiculous and self-defeating.  We believe there is absolute truth – you may not.  Interestingly, under your ideology, you have no right to disagree with us because you claim to believe that our position is as valid as yours!  Under our ideology, we have every right to disagree with you.

Sadly, there are many absolute truths that the world seems to want to ignore today.  One of these truths is that Islamic scripture demands the subjugation to Islam of all people on the earth.  This is verifiable by anyone who will take the time to research the subject.  Therefore, since we believe Islam is a false ideology, we reject Islam and are willing to speak out publicly to say so.  Is this intolerance?  Of course not!  At least it is not unless we set out to harm individual Muslims who have not harmed us or anyone else. 

As humans striving toward a thoroughly moral lifestyle, we believe that there are many absolute truths to which all humans should agree simply because they are absolute.  Some of these absolute truths are:

  • The universe was created by an intelligent force that is outside and separate from the universe.
  • As the creations or “children” of this Creator, we have an obligation to attempt to learn the nature and the will of the Creator.
  • As fellow creations of the Creator, all humans have an equal right to life and to the right to earn the necessities of life such as adequate food, shelter, clothing etc. as well as the basic responsibility, as far as they are able, to provide for themselves (as opposed to expecting others to look after them).
  • Humans are responsible, as far as they are able, to protect and preserve the lives of other humans.
  • All humans have the right to hold and honestly express their opinions and beliefs as long as they avoid advocating the killing, conquest, oppression, subjugation or humiliation of other innocent humans and as long as, in their speech or actions, they avoid inflicting actual harm on other innocent humans. 
  • No human can be expected to avoid giving offense to other humans because humans can choose to take offense for anything to which they object.  That is; offense is taken, not given.   And, to put it bluntly, being offended will not harm a healthy and rational human!   
  • Humans do not have the right to be dishonest or to lie to others – particularly in public.  While everyone occasionally makes mistakes, and should be forgiven for these lapses, deliberate dishonesty for personal or political gain is particularly reprehensible.
  • All humans should try to obey the reasonable laws and practices of the society in which they live except when these laws and practices are contrary to the absolute truths mentioned here.  In such cases, honest and courageous humans will openly speak out to oppose these laws and practices – and they have an inalienable right to do so!  
  • There are legitimate and general standards of good and evil. One of the best summaries of these standards can be found in the Ten Commandments listed in the Bible which is honored, at least nominally, by all three major monotheistic ideologies (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).
  • Humans have a responsibility to be good stewards of the earth.
  • All human philosophies, ideologies and movements that actually oppose one or more of these absolute truths or the 10 Commandments should be viewed with a great deal of caution, scepticism and suspicion.