- Who is Crusade 10?


Crusade 10 is an informal fledgling organization whose purpose is;

  • to sound a warning about the danger of the political, religious and social movement (Cult) that is called Islam;
  • to call people to action against the spread of Islam; and
  • to suggest ways of combatting its infiltration of the nations that are not yet subjected to Islamic rule.  

​We, the initial organizers of the Crusade 10 movement, are not willing to make our personal identities generally known for a number of reasons which we will discuss below.  We ask only that you would consider the truth of what we have to say and draw your own conclusions about whether or not we are worthy of your support. 

First, we do not want to be identified as followers of a single human leader.  Instead we want to be a popular movement of people that recognize the danger of Islam and are willing to take united action to confront  that danger.

Second, we do not want this movement to be viewed as one religion or race confronting Islam.  We are calling together people of all races, people of all religions and people that hold no religious beliefs.  We are convinced that the danger of Islam is a threat to all non-Muslim states and all non-Muslim people and we do not want to do anything to prevent or discourage any person of any race or religion from at least considering what we are saying and what we are trying to do.   

​Third, we originated in Canada and therefore, our movement, might be viewed by some as a Canadian movement but we want it to spread to many other countries of the world.  If Crusade 10 is to succeed, it must draw support from many nations and it must offer support to every nation and every people group that is threatened or attacked by Islam.

​Finally, we realize that there is a very real risk that we will be attacked by radical Islamists for our position and our efforts to combat Islam.  We are a movement in the very early stages and are vulnerable.  We do not want to risk attack until our movement has grown strong enough to withstand any attack or, at least, to ensure that the movement can survive if some of us are lost.