- Why call it a Crusade?

We have been asked why we would call it a Crusade.  Weren't the Crusaders brutal invaders of the Middle East and won't the name "Crusade" provoke Muslims to greater anger and resentment?

The truth is that the Crusades were a European response to several centuries of incessant attack and aggression by Islamic armies begun by Mohammad and carried on by every one of his successors.  The exact number of  Crusades that were carried out in medieval times is a matter of disagreement among scholars.  Most say nine Crusades happened; others say more.   Nobody that is well informed denies that, though most or even all Crusaders were at least nominally Christian, some did not act in a Christian manner.  As in all wars, the Crusades brought out the best or the worst in people.  Some Crusaders showed great brutality during the Crusades - as did many Muslims.  In addition, lack of knowledge and understanding of the lands that were being traversed by the Crusaders led to some amazing and appalling errors and atrocities (on both sides).  On the other hand there were many noble and chivalrous Crusaders - and Muslims.  The noble Crusaders should be remembered and respected for the fact that they were successful in containing, for a time, the insidious or overt expansion of the evil movement that is Islam.     

Will our name arouse anger and resentment among some Muslims?  Almost certainly!  But the fact is that, no matter what we do, we will engender anger and resentment among some Muslims.  Everything, that is, except submission to Islam.  We have chosen the name Crusade10 because we wanted to leave no doubt in anyone's mind that we intend to  openly confront and resist the spread of Islam into our nations.